You are an Energy Package

The secret that science has revealed to us is clear – your life is all about energy. It has been found that there is no other way to get what you want in life than to match your energy with the energy of what you want in life. When you match your energy with what you want, what you want quickly comes to you.  Now, that IS a super-secret, but how exactly do you do that?

Let’s talk about how to maintain your personal energy so that you live with a high vibrational energy, which in turn will attract high vibrational things and people into your life, such as wealth (rather than debt), fulfilling relationships (rather than being stuck in an unsatisfying one) and good health (rather than sickness or accidents).

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First of all, remember, you are an energy package.  The energy that you send out is affected by the total energy in your personal energy package.

So, how do you live in positive, high vibrational energy? This is done many ways:

1)    Your energy package includes the energy that flows into you from your Divine Source. The energy that constantly flows into you is a high vibrational, joyous, energy of love and peace. When you stay connected to your Divine Source it is easy to send out love, acceptance, and joy to others.

When you stay connected to your Source, it is easier to have thoughts and feelings which attract the things you want, rather than thinking of the things you don’t want into your life.

2)    The energy package that emanates from you is also affected by the state of your physical energy, which is determined by the amount of high vibrational foods you eat. What you eat can very much affect your energy package. Carnivores are not peaceful creatures. Our bodies are not made to be carnivorous. We do not have short guts with lots of hydrochloric acid to dissolve huge chunk of meat. Rather, we have different enzymes to digest the different foods grown by nature, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables. When you eat greasy, sugary, hard-to-digest foods such as red meat, you have to sit down and rest because your body is taking its energy to digest. When you eat a high vibrational meal of a salad, whole grain, and vegetables, you feel energized and ready to move. Lack of physical energy affects the energy you send out to others. Sleep is another thing that affects your energy. When you don’t have enough sleep, you cannot function at optimal energy because your brain waves are negatively affected, which in turn affects your physical energy.

3)    Your energy package is also affected by what you have on you. Yes, it true. There a way to dress to attract the right things and people into your life. When you synchronize your energy on the outside with the innate, God-given energy from inside, the right people are attracted to you, your make more money, you have better relationships, and you feel better about yourself.  Here is a video about the Law of Attraction On You

4)    Your energy package is affected by the energy in your surroundings. A research study done by Paul Scheele of the Learning Strategies Corporation.  By using an  EEG machine, which is used to measure brain waves, he found that when a person entered a room with good energy, there was an immediate impact on the brain. He found that the brain automatically begins to produce more alpha waves,  which allows you to perform better in every area of your life.  He also found that when entering a room with negative, unbalanced energy, the brain waves spiked to beta levels which caused mental chaos and made it difficult to relax or focus.  This happened without any effort on the part of the person – why? Because you exchange energy with people and things around you. That is why you we use certain colors in our home or office and arrange your surroundings to create balanced energy in your home. That way, you flow high vibrational energy from the things around you. The energy in your surroundings make a big difference in who and what you attract into your life.

Because you are an energy package and constantly exchanging energy with people and things around you, YOU control your energy and therefore you control your life.

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