The Power of Your Thoughts

You bring good or bad situations into your life based on your thoughts

woman thinkingDid you think the experiences and people just appeared out of nowhere or that some magic universal fairy said, “Today, I’m going to send this person a super, fabulous day, but this one is going to go through hell.”

Nope – If that were the case we could find that darn fairy and snuff him out and then we’d all have super, fabulous days every day.

The truth is – if you spend your thoughts on jealousy, there will soon be something happening in your relationship to make you feel jealous. If you think about getting sick, you’ll soon be able to ask for a day off because you aren’t feeling well. How about if you keep thinking about not having enough money? You know the answer; you definitely won’t have enough money.

If you think about going on a vacation, you will be booking one yourself or as a gift. If you think about prosperity, you will be prosperous.

When you think about something (with any kind of emotion), which usually happens when you are serious about a subject, you attract it. It makes an energy message that becomes stronger and stronger the more you think about it, and soon it’s strong enough to pop right into your physical reality.

What if you don’t want it? You get it anyway because you created a strong energy link by thinking about it. If there’s something you have in your life that you don’t want…STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. It works! It’s a law.

Start thinking about what you’re thinking about, and watch how many times you think about what you don’t want. When that thought enters your mind, turn it around to what you do want. Thinking about something means you invite it into your life, even if you don’t want it.

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