When Do Bad Things Turn Out Good?

10566077684_74c7efcd63_zI’m sure you’ve had a few bad things happen in your life. If you haven’t, just hold on – you will. Things sometimes happen in everyone’s life that aren’t what they are expecting, and often those things don’t make a positive effect in our lives.

Often, when this happens, we are so stressed that we can’t see past the unexpected problem. At that time, it’s important to know that we must see past the problem and literally see (mentally) a positive outcome.

When you do this, it literally opens the energy, not only in your mind, but also out of an awful situation.

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Recently I heard a friend relate how excited she was, while traveling, to be able to see Mount St. Helens. When the volcano occurred, it had made such an impression on her that it was a wonderful experience to be there in person. She related that when she looked over the cliff, she saw a very dark, thick residue, which she realized was the ash that had spewed out and caused such damage years ago.

When she visited the gift shop she bought a small vial of the ashes. Then a beautiful, shimmering, crystal-like Christmas ornament caught her eye. It was absolutely beautiful. She was confused as to why those ornaments were in this little shop. To her surprise, she was told that those gorgeous, round, beautiful balls were made from the ash of the volcano. Wow!

Someone took a volcanic tragedy and opened his mind to how that dreadful ash could be made into something beautiful, and because he did…it actually happened.

The same thing will happen in your life when something not so nice happens to you. Remember to see PAST the problem!


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