How a Negative Mind Will Never Give You a Positive Life

pos lifeA negative mind  can only bring negativity into a person’s life. Negative energy attracts negative circumstances, negative people, and negative situations. It’s a universal law that  what you put out is exactly what comes back into your life.

None wants to have a negative mind but they don’t realize that it’s their habits that create their negative mind. Which habits bring negativity into your life?

Tiny, little, innocent things that you might not think could make a difference in anyone’s life are the dirty little culprits. Things such as complaining and blaming are two of the worst things you can do. Complaining is straight up thinking about the bad side of a situation. Blaming is giving up complete responsibility for your life which, in itself, brings in negativity.

Looking at a person’s fault rather than what’s good about them can be a devastating habit which can destroy your overall attitude as well as your overall relationship with that person.

Expecting a bad outcome in a situation rather than believing in a good one, can be a habit that can only bring a bad outcome most of the time. Studies show that you usually get what you expect. The more the negative outcome happens, the more you expect it and it becomes a circle of doom.

Repeating or sharing bad things that happen can only bring more bad things to happen. What you think about and speak about – comes about. Think about the way you want the situation to turn out and put the unpleasant situation behind you. It’s over – don’t perpetuate that energy by spreading it around to others.

Replaying experiences in your mind that didn’t go the way you wanted is a sure-fire way to tell your mind you want more of them. See it in your mind the way you wanted it to happen and you will actually change the energy of the situation.

Check your habits..once you recognize that you have a habit to work on, you’ve already begun to change negativity to positivity. Pick one right now and consciously make a change. It takes a positive mind to have a positive life and you can learn to have a positive mind.






What Makes a Thought More Powerful?

woman deep in thoughtThe more you focus on something the more powerful it becomes. Think of the things in your life that are concerning you right now. If you want them gone, quit worrying about them! If they are great and you want to keep them in your life, keep thinking about them so they don’t slip away.

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If you want something to stay in your life, think about how great it is, feel gratitude for it, praise it, and even tell others how happy you are to have it. I’m sure you’ve seen the situation where a person put their focus on having a beautiful, romantic relationship with another person. It occupied their thoughts all day and night and therefore; it manifested in their life. In fact, they got married.

But wait – after the marriage, the guy put it out of his mind…I mean he got the girl so why should he spend time thinking about it anymore? Right?

Wrong! If he takes the relationship for granted and does not allow it to occupy his thoughts anymore, the energy on the relationship lessens and lessens, and the relationship eventually goes.

This is a mistake that many people make. Once something they wanted is in their life, they forget to maintain the focus on it. It certainly doesn’t have to be the same energy as before it came into your life because you were creating it at that time; however you must not ignore it energetically. You must keep it in your thoughts in a positive way and it will stay in your life in a positive way. You can make good things happen more quickly by thinking about them more.

Why You Should Have Positive Thoughts

Everyone, even people who haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, know that it pays to have positive thoughts rather than negative ones. But does it really make a big difference and if it does, the question is ‘why’?

Let’s see what happens when you have a negative thought and how it literally affects your brain. Just go with it for a minute….

shutterstock_131686058What if you were walking along on the street and all of a sudden a scary person comes up to you and shows you a tiny knife that he has pointed directly at you. That’s a pretty negative thought – right!

When a person, who wants to rob or abduct you, appears, you want to get out of there fast. It doesn’t matter what is going on anywhere else in your life, your whole attention is on that scary person and the fear that you feel. The only thing that your brain lets you think of is how you can get out of that negative situation.

After a negative thought, your focus narrows and your brain only allows you to become laser-focused on the negative thing. Even though many other things may be going on around you, your brain does not allow you to acknowledge any of them.

head in the sandIt’s a good thing in a way, because that narrowing of your mind and that laser-focus of your thoughts might save your life in escaping or dealing with the situation, however when you don’t have to do such a thing as escape from a scary person, and you think a negative thought, your brain reacts the same way and all you can think about is that negative thought or situation. You brain ignores other things. It shuts off the outside world and your brain can only continue to focus on the negative. When you have a negative thought it’s like putting your head in the sand.

So, let’s take the example of what happens when you have a fight with someone. You are having a negative emotion (like you did when the scary person was there). That negative thought, and the feeling that feeds it, is the only thing your brain can focus on and it’s not easy to think about anything else. Negative thoughts and emotions prevent your brain from seeing other options so you must stay focused on the negative.

beautiful things happenOkay now, let’s look at what happens when you have a positive thoughts. When you have positive thoughts and feelings of joy and acceptance, and love, for example, your brain allows your focus to expand and you are able to think of other things. You are able to mentally see many more options and choices. It opens unlimited possibilities of thought rather than focusing on only the one in front of you.

So how does this affect your life and your success? Being able to enjoy many options and choices in your thoughts allows you not only more happiness, but abilities to expand every aspect of your life, rather than being mentally closed off and maintaining negative thoughts and feelings.

Now you know why I said it was scarier than Halloween to know that many people live in the world of negative thoughts and don’t even realize how it is limiting their finances, their relationships, and their happiness. When they free their minds and maintain positive thoughts, they change every aspect of your life.

Don’t be scared! You know the difference and you are going to stick with positive thoughts and feelings and enjoy unlimited possibilities and opportunities in every aspect of your life.


PS – Happy Halloween!