How to Love Yourself

love yourselfWhy is it hard to really love yourself? Is it because you constantly make mistakes? No one else makes mistakes – right? Wrong! We all makes mistakes, so just get over that reason right now. No one expects you to be perfect and if someone in your life does, they don’t belong in your life!

Many people love others more than themselves. They accept and even go overboard to be kind to others; however treating themselves that same way is often very difficult.

If you don’t love yourself as much as you should, here’s what to do:

  1. Stop expecting perfection! If you were perfect, there would be nothing for you to learn. We learn from our mistakes. They make life rich and help us to become more successful and have more happiness in our lives when we learn from them. Perfect people don’t live on this planet. That includes you. Love yourself for what you have learned – rather than feeling negatively about yourself because you make them. You are in charge of your own reactions!
  1. If something bad happens, say kind, encouraging, positive things to yourself instead of saying, “I’m so stupid.” In fact, don’t wait until something bad happens; make it a habit to tell yourself something encouraging and positive about yourself at least once every hour. This will do amazing things to help you love yourself.
  1. Stop thinking about how you aren’t as good as you want to be and that you might not accomplish your goals. This is self-defeating behavior. Mentally see yourself the way you want to be. Mentally see yourself accomplishing the things you want for yourself in the future.
  1. Tell yourself every morning what a great day it’s going to be and say to yourself, “I love you! You are a beautiful person!”

These 4 small changes can make great changes in the way you love and nurture yourself. They are easy and you can do all 4 and at the same time and immediately…..and they are fun to do.