How Nature’s Secret Can Help Your Success

Untitledattachment000252-1Nature never gives up! Never – it just keeps hanging in there against all kinds of problems. It pushes forward. It doesn’t consider giving up. It just keeps on plugging and doesn’t even realize that giving up is an option. . Can’t burst through a hard surface….no problem. Can’t find a place to put nourishing roots…no problem. Nothing is a problem because it always finds a way.

What is it that you are having problems with? What problems are you encountering? There IS a way and it’s probably something you’ve never thought of before. Who would think that a dainty, little flower would pop up through a hard concrete surface? Who would think a beautiful tree would grow with no place for its roots? With nature, failure is not an option because it knows how to persevere.Untitledattachment000221

What if what want to happen, could happen? What would have to occur for you to accomplish it? Okay – now, go for it! There is a way. You’ve heard ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and it’s so true. What you think would be a miracle may not be a miracle at all. And, besides, miracles happen every day. Giving up should never be an option.

Be like nature – and never give up!