Is Money Evil?

money good or evilIs money evil? If you think it is, change your mind quickly, and you’ll have much more of it to enjoy. Don’t say things like, “Oh, it’s just money.” Actually, money is energy. Money is filled with the energy of the universe and it tunes in on what you say and think about it, and responds accordingly.

 Since money reacts to your attitude about it, if you want to attract a happier financial situation, start appreciating it. Your thoughts about money are important. What you think about comes about. In your thoughts and words, do you appreciate money – or do your criticize or condemn your money or another person’s. If you do, you will repel it from you.

A friend, who always spoke about how bad her finances were, how bad the economy was, and what a gloomy financial future she was going to have, always had a shortage of money. She had extremely bad luck when it came to investments and purchases. She decided to change her thoughts and words about money, which changed her attitude about her whole money outlook. She began frequently saying affirmations to herself several times a day, such as ‘I always have enough’; ‘Everything and everyone prospers me now’, ‘I love and appreciate money’.

Amazingly, her finances turned around. She got a new job with higher pay. She inherited some money from a bank account a deceased relative left her. For the first time ever, she easily paid her bills and had money left over. Her whole life changed because she changed her attitude about appreciating money.

Remember, money is a divine substance of the universe. Think of it in such a manner and it will respond.