How To Overcome Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes. So what! There is not a person living on this planet who does not make mistakes. imgoIf they were perfect, they wouldn’t be here…seriously. So you are not unique, or a failure, or stupid, or anything,  just because you make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of being human. Hurray – you are human!

Why do we make mistakes? Why weren’t we born perfect so we could have a perfect world? There’s a very huge reason. You are here to learn through your mistakes how to be the best person you could possibly be – and finally, eventually, somewhere, sometime, in the future world, you will be perfect. Right now, enjoy learning wonderful lessons you planned for yourself, through your mistakes. It’s how you come back from the mistake that matters! 

Okay, so you made a mistake, or something bad happens, what do you do? Accept it! Right away say, “Yep, I blew it.” Step two is – do what you can to fix it, if that’s the best outcome for all involved. Step three is –  to ask yourself, “Okay, what am I to learn from this if it never happens again.”

You attract everything into your life. It’s you and you alone and if you don’t learn from your mistakes you may just make it again and again. The first time you do something, it’s an accident – the second time, it’s a choice. 

The more mistakes, the wiser and happier you become. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change – and we are here to change and grow.