I’ll Be Happy ‘when……’

vibrationsI’ll be happy when…

When WHAT? When…..  ‘when get a different job, when I meet the right person, when I get a raise, when I lose weight, when…. whatever.’

Well, It doesn’t work that way! Why? – because ‘when’ never comes until you are happy FIRST. When you are happy already, then the other things you want that will make you happy will be magnetized to you because you are in the happy energy vibration.

Your life, your relationships, your finances, and all the things happening in your life are being attracted to you by the level of happiness (or not) that you are feeling NOW. Your feelings indicate you energy level (your vibrational level from 1 to 1000, Love being 500. Anything above 500 will start bringing ‘happy’ into your life. Such feelings are allowing, accepting, being willing, gratitude, celebrating, and fun.

Those feelings are expansive. they are magnetic. They draw things to you that have the same energy.

So what do you do to be happy NOW? You start finding things that you can do to be allowing, accepting, being willing, or feeling or expressing gratitude, celebrating, and having fun. That’s a pretty easy thing to do and much better than sitting around thinking about how unhappy you are now. YOU choose your feelings and in that way YOU choose your happiness.

You can change how you feel about a thing a person, a situation in about nano-second. Which of those feelings are you going to start feeling right now?

Turn on Your Heart Light

heart-lightI’m sure you’ve heard the song, Turn on Your Heart Light, by Neil Diamond. If not, you need to. It’s beautiful AND what a great message.

How would it help you to turn on your heart light and how do you do it?

The reason why: When you turn on your heart light, you turn on your spiritual gifts. You increase your inspiration and intuition. You also make your own inner light brighter, and you start to fill your life with fabulous feelings of love, joy, abundance, and fun. Your life just gets better and better as long as you keep shining! The bottom line is that great things don’t usually happen when you are worried, bored, sad, or fearful. So, you can keep your life happy with your heart light.

Turn on your heart light-

Let it shine wherever you go,

Let it make a happy glow

For all the world to see

So, how do you do it? Obviously, there isn’t a physical switch. There is a inner switch which is so easy to turn on that anyone can quickly make it a habit. When you meet someone or begin to speak to a person, say to yourself, “I’m so grateful this person is in my life because… or… I”m so happy to know this person because…..”.  That’s right, take less than a quarter of second and think of something good about person and then FEEL love for that person from your heart. Just think of your heart shining a ray of love light to that person. You HAVE to send that love from your heart! Love energy will create miracles in your life and in theirs.

Another thing that will make it easier and start happy things in your life to happen faster, is to constantly send random people and things the little beam from your heart along with your love energy. It’s FUN!

The tough part is remember to do it the first 20 times and then it’ be a habit. It WILL be worth it and you WILL begin to see good things happen right away!

Happy glowing!

4 Simple Steps to Being as Happy As You Want to Be

making a listThere are 4 little steps that that will increase your happiness level immensely the minute you take action on them.

  1. Do you know what makes you happy? Of course you do! Think back to times when you were really happy. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? You probably don’t even need to think too hard because you know off the top of your head what makes you happy. MAKE A LIST OF THOSE THINGS RIGHT NOW.
  1. Next, think hard about the things you do everyday from morning to night. Most people have a habit of doing the same thing day after day. As you mentally go through your average day MAKE A LIST OF THOSE THINGS THAT YOU NORMALLY DO EACH DAY.
  1. Now, it’s time to compare the two lists. How many things on your ‘happy list’ do you enjoy everyday? Is your day filled with happy moments or is it barely sprinkled with only a few little happy events? COUNT THE THINGS ON YOUR HAPPY LIST AND then COUNT HOW MANY OF THOSE SHOW UP ON YOUR LIST OF THINGS YOU DO EVERYDAY. How are you doing?  
  1. Here’s the biggie! You know what to do. IT’S TIME FOR YOU MOVE SOME THINGS OFF YOUR LIST #2 (WHAT YOU DO DAILY) TO YOUR LIST #1 (YOUR HAPPY LIST). Who is in charge of your life? Who plans your schedule? Who decides what your priorities are? Who makes your ‘to do’ lists? Who can make a change? YOU can, of course. If you don’t have the ability to run your own life, then you need to make even a bigger change than moving happy things into your day. You need to be the master of your own life. If you aren’t, stop this minute letting someone else run your life. When you allow someone else to run your life, you are a victim and victims are never happy. You must be responsible for your own life – and when you give someone else that responsibility, you are not being responsible! Fix that now – and then take action on the 4 steps to bring more happiness into your life. Happy Days ahead!


How to be Happy – Do You Have Happy Habits?

Happy People Have Happy Habits

shutterstock_109354649Here are some of the main habits that are consistent in happy people. How many do you need to incorporate in your life?

1. The first habit happy people have is to decide to be happy. They literally make it their intention to be happy.

2. They consciously put things in their day to make them happy. They get involved in hobbies that give you happiness. Go places that bring you joy. Spend time with happy people. If you are going to choose to be happy, you must schedule happy things.

3. Happy people think happy thoughts. If they don’t have one, they think of a happy time in their past. They always keep a happy smile on their faces. If there is a time when they aren’t feeling especially happy, they fake with a happy smile and place their body in the position it would be if they were happy. Your body responds to your mind and your mind responds to your body.

4. A very important habit is finding happiness in tiny little moments during the day – things like the smell of your cinnamon tea, the way your puppy wags his tail at you, the sound of your kids laughing… Find awe in daily moments. They are filled with joy if you expect them and look for them.

5. Happy people chill out. They are playful. They take time to joke, to interact in a fun way with others. Also they schedule a getaway so they break up their daily grind. Recently my dentist told me that he and his wife had a marvelous getaway right in the next town that recharged them both. He said it couldn’t have been better if they had flown clear across the continent.

6. Happy people always have one important characteristic. They have a kind spirit. They praise; they give; they let others go first; they do random acts of kindness.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything. Happiness to you!