Turn on Your Heart Light

heart-lightI’m sure you’ve heard the song, Turn on Your Heart Light, by Neil Diamond. If not, you need to. It’s beautiful AND what a great message.

How would it help you to turn on your heart light and how do you do it?

The reason why: When you turn on your heart light, you turn on your spiritual gifts. You increase your inspiration and intuition. You also make your own inner light brighter, and you start to fill your life with fabulous feelings of love, joy, abundance, and fun. Your life just gets better and better as long as you keep shining! The bottom line is that great things don’t usually happen when you are worried, bored, sad, or fearful. So, you can keep your life happy with your heart light.

Turn on your heart light-

Let it shine wherever you go,

Let it make a happy glow

For all the world to see

So, how do you do it? Obviously, there isn’t a physical switch. There is a inner switch which is so easy to turn on that anyone can quickly make it a habit. When you meet someone or begin to speak to a person, say to yourself, “I’m so grateful this person is in my life because… or… I”m so happy to know this person because…..”.  That’s right, take less than a quarter of second and think of something good about person and then FEEL love for that person from your heart. Just think of your heart shining a ray of love light to that person. You HAVE to send that love from your heart! Love energy will create miracles in your life and in theirs.

Another thing that will make it easier and start happy things in your life to happen faster, is to constantly send random people and things the little beam from your heart along with your love energy. It’s FUN!

The tough part is remember to do it the first 20 times and then it’ be a habit. It WILL be worth it and you WILL begin to see good things happen right away!

Happy glowing!