The Doctor Whose Patient Cured Him

pol_doctors40__01__630x420There was a doctor with an extremely flaky, itchy, scaly skin condition all over his body, which continually got worse year after year. He wore high necks and long sleeves to hide this embarrassing condition from his patients. One of his patients found out about this horrible problem that was a constant source of irritation and embarrassment to him.

His patient asked when this had appeared. He told the patient that it appeared soon after his wife died. That is when he began grieving and his life had never been the same since. Then the patient asked him to remember when he didn’t have this problem.

The doctor related to the patient what a wonderful, happy time this was. The patient told him to think back and get in touch with those feelings. The doctor agreed and everyday he made an effort to continually feel as he felt when his wife was alive and they were happy together and life was wonderful.

Amazingly, his horrible skin condition began to clear up and soon his skin was completely cleared of the problem. It was a real revelation to him that all those years, his sad, grieving emotions had a direct effect on the cells of his body. The cells of his body were constantly dying.

This same thing happens to you and every person on the earth. Your emotions not only affect your health, they affect your relationships and your finances. Also, the how you think about your finances radiate out and sends messages to your body.

When you choose to be happy every day with the life you have, you choose to be healthy and prosperous. Your mental and emotional affects your physical.

Choose to be happy! It’s a choice.                                                                                                

This story is from a Silva Intuition training