Happiness Doesn’t Have to be Hard

I'm so happy!

I’m so happy!

Happiness doesn’t have to be hard, however it does take some common sense when it comes to a few little basic habits. These habits are what I call the basics. They are the things over which you have total control and which keep you from being mentally stressed or frazzled.

These habits have to do with your body. It’s true that your mind and emotions have a tremendous amount to do with your happiness, however your body has more to do with happiness than you might think.

  1. A smile on your face is a must. The muscles on your face send a message to your brain and your body automatically makes happy hormones. Putting a smile on your face is the easiest exercise you’ll ever do. It’s worth the effort because it has an immediate payoff.
  1. Sleep is another must. When you body sleeps, it detoxifies your mind and clears the toxic clutter. Not having enough sleep negatively affects your energy level, your mood, and your health.
  1. Keep the surroundings, in your home and office, uncluttered. Cluttered energy creates a cluttered mind. If your surroundings are in a mess, your mind will be in a mess. Clutter can even get to the point where it causes depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  1. Emotion is positively affected by body motion. The position and movement of your body create happy or sad feelings. Any type of active body movement, even a walk, will boost your mood as well as your energy. Exercise calms the mind and can help your think clearly.
  1. Your blood sugar can cause you havoc. It’s pretty hard to be happy when you’re starving and feeling weak. Make sure you have healthy treats to get your through the day in a healthy way, so that your mind and mood is not affected by candy bars and unhealthy eating habits.

Happiness not hard at all when you keep these basic habits in mind.