Do you Want to Experience More Love in Your Life?

love puzzle

Want more love in your life? I hope so! Because no matter the problem, the answer is love! Love just makes the world a happier place.

First of all, how much do you love yourself? I hope you are so happy to be you! You are unique and awesome! You came into this world with special gifts, which you will not take full advantage of if you don’t love who you are. The more you love yourself – the more you open up your world to receiving love from others. To love yourself more, be gentle with yourself and be supportive of yourself. Acknowledge something different about yourself you love everyday and you will grow to appreciate the magnificent person that you are.

Do your relationships bring you joy? Do you feel loved? Love is everywhere and you will receive as much as you open yourself up to it. In order to open yourself up to receiving, simply start giving more. You seriously have to give to receive. If you don’t give out love, you will stay shut down to love. Give and receiving are like to puzzle pieces that fit together.

Giving positive energy and positive thoughts about every person will make a huge change in your life, how you feel, and the love that comes to you. The minute you are with someone, quietly tell yourself how much you love being with that person because of… (whatever a good trait or characteristic of that person has). Make it a habit!! I will feel strange at first, but it’s worth it! Soon it will be second nature and you’ll be so glad you did! Do it – and be amazed!