Is Feng shui Part of the Law of Attraction?

2 cute girls upside down on couchThe energy around you, in your home an office is called Feng Shui. Feng shui is not a religion, but is about the energy in your environment. It has been researched for thousand of years. In ancient times, only emperors could know about it and use it. If a commoner found out about it, they were put to death. Today, we have the valuable information about how to use the energy around us to our benefit.

Does it mean your house has to look like a Chinese trinket shop? No way, unless you’re Chinese. Those things are not meaningful to you. You use things around your house to create balance and harmony.

Energy around you in your surroundings is conducive to love, to wealth, and to your success or the energy in your surroundings is repelling those things. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not recognize the importance of the energy vibrations in their surroundings. The energy around you affect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your whole life.

Everything is energy (plants, animals, people, things) and YOU are energy. You exchange energy with the things around you.

Feng Shui is a term composed of two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move, and circulate everywhere on Earth.

There are 4 portals where energy flows to you – (lucky energy). You want to sleep with the crown of your head against one of these 4 personal magnetic directions where positive energy is constantly flowing to you.

This energy can support you more quickly and help you manifest it. Success, Health, Love, and Personal & Spiritual Growth. I give you these 4 lucky directions for FREE. I don’t just tell you what your lucky directions are – I tell you how to use them and what to put I each of these places in your environment. CLICK HERE to get your lucky directions.

I also give you your personal element – that goes with your own personal energy. Some people vibrate with fire colors; others need calmer water energy; others feel harmonious with metal, wood, or things from the earth. These are colors and element to help you and that you want to have in your home.

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