3 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

sunglasses-635269_640It is so important to have a good self worth. How you feel about yourself has everything to do with your relationships, your business success, and your health. 

When you feel good about yourself, it is easier to be optimistic, take more risks in life, and be happier than if you feel inferior. Usually, a person’s self image is formed in childhood. If they had a critical parent who always found fault or told them they would never amount to anything, they still believe it. If they had a parent who easily gave out praise and helped them make good decisions, they feel good about themselves and their present decisions.

No stress! You can change your self-image starting today:

1. Speak to yourself as if you were the most important person in the world, because you are. Constantly say positive, encouraging things to yourself. Nurture yourself. What ever you would do or say to another person to make them feel good, do and say those things to yourself.

2. If I ask you to describe yourself, what would you say? Which words will you use? If they aren’t positive, never use them to describe yourself again. Change the rhetoric. To reframe the mental picture of yourself, pick new words and take time to see yourself in your mind being that new person. Mentally manufacture experiences of you being that person your new words describe. This is the quickest way to start changing your inner feelings about yourself.

3. Smile more! You will automatically begin to feel better about yourself when you go around smiling. When you change the muscles in your face, you actually changes how you feel. Smile at others. Smile when you’re alone. Smile when you’re happy. Smile when you are not. Just make it a habit to smile and soon your habit will be feeling better about yourself everyday.