You CAN Change the Past

woman-424693_1280Your future does not have to equal your past. However, if you are one of those people who believes that to change your past would be of benefit in changing your future, then proceed. Your past is a part of you, just as your present and your future,  and you change it by revising some scenes. If you can change the future with imagination, you can certainly change the past. Energy is energy—future or past. What imagination makes it can unmake. To relive the past, you must reconstruct it with new content; the way you wish you had lived it.

For example, maybe today’s sales call did not go as well as you’d hoped (you probably did not visualize it the way you wanted before you went to bed the night before). In your imagination, change the outcome. See the client enthusiastically greeting you. See yourself being thanked for caring so much, for offering them the opportunity to purchase. Hear the client give you a large order (be specific) and then see yourself receiving payment. In your imagination go over this several times and feel the elation you would have felt had it proceeded as you had wished.

You had a bad experience when you were young. Change the way it ended in your imagination. When you do this, you are changing the energy of the situation and how it affects you. Feel how great it feels to have it ended the way you wanted it to happen. Create the new experience in your mind and you are creating it in your past. Never see it again the way you don’t want to remember it!

You will be amazed at the coincidences and changed results that occur directly after you have made a past revision. Every night, look at your day and revise those things that need to be changed. If you didn’t get the job, change it. See yourself working in a happy productive environment making even more money that you currently do. If someone spoke unkindly to you, change it. If you found something you want to buy but the price is too high, change it.

As you relive your day and make changes, you are altering the present energy pattern. You will go into the future from that moment on, with the new altered pattern that you have created.

Why not just create the future and forget the past? You can. Sometimes, however, it is a good preliminary step to change a recent past situation that is related to something you desire in the future. Some people find that they receive an emotional clearing by changing the energy in a past occurrence. Do it once. It’s over. Do not dwell on it ever again. Proceed to enjoy the present moment now that you have changed the past and are creating what you want for the future.