How to Change a Bad Day

red dress lady 2How does a bad day happen? Why would you be having a crumby day?

Many things could have contributed to your low vibrational frequency feelings. Perhaps you pigged out on low sugar treats, junk food, alcohol, or something low vibrational, which can totally affected your emotional state. Blood sugar and hormones can cause a ragingly unhappy emotional state.

Perhaps you responded to someone or some situation with feelings of anger, fear, hatred, or rudeness. These are low energy responses. When something unexpected happens, you determine how you respond to every situation in your life.

It’s important to realize that to change anything lousy, even your day, you must first accept responsibility for whatever is happening to you at the moment.

To change the situation quickly, simply change your energy, your vibration. How do you do that? Do something that will fill you with light. Light is the highest form of energy.

An easy thing to do is to think about someone you love and are grateful for. Love is a high-energy emotion. And don’t forget the things you love about yourself. Maybe you did something not too smart. Forgiveness will heal you from the inside out and will raise your vibrational frequency. This will open the path to happiness and abundance. You attract, like a magnet, all the wonderful things on the energy frequency you are feeling at any given moment.

Another way to turn things around is to laugh, even if you don’t feel like it. I mean really laugh so your body feels it. Sometimes all you can do is just to laugh about a situation-right? Well, that’s a great response. Laughing will start you on your way to smiling and to quickly feeling joyful. You can’t smile and laugh and feel badly.

Another way is find something beautiful-something to look at or something to listen to (beautiful music will work). Nature is beautiful. Take a little walk and look at the beauty of nature. It’s an instant high. When you’ve found it, take a moment to appreciate it. It will raise your mood instantly.

Turning negativity away is not so hard on any day.

Now you’ve got a way (actually three), to send away a very bad day.