How to Use Your Emotions to Get What You Want

happy ladyEmotions – we all have them every moment of the day. We are constantly ‘feeling’ some emotion, some times more intensely than other times. What exactly are emotions and how do they help you get what you want?

Emotions are energy in motion. Let me explain that. Some feelings are the type of energy that creates beautiful, colorful, flowing patterns. When you are flowing love, being accepting, feeling gratitude, feeling joy, and other such high-energy feelings outward to the universe…. that energy flows out of you and syncs with other high vibrational, matching energy, such as money, new opportunities, and happy, successful, caring people.

When you are experiencing low motion energy, such as anger, guilt, shame, fear, resentment, jealousy, and the like, you are flowing not-so-beautiful patterns of energy that also sync with things and people at a matching energy vibration. These kind of feelings attract angry, jealous, guilty, resentful, unaccepting people and unhappy situations.

3 Questions for you:

  1. So, what do you want in your life?
  2. What energy motion are they flowing at? High moving energy brings in things that relate to happiness? Slow moving, low vibrational energy attracts the things that bring unhappiness to you.
  3. Do you realize that you have total control over your emotions and you can stay in emotions attract that?

Yes, it WILL take conscious effort on your part ……and, yes, you WILL have to keep reminding yourself to keep flowing those feelings of enjoying where you are and what you are doing, feelings of being accepting, complementing and praising, feelings of gratitude, and feelings of willingness and courage, and feeling of love And yes, YOU CAN DO IT!

If you this, soon, you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to stay in those high vibrational, happy emotions because you will constantly be feeling those emotions naturally.