How to Use the Happy Secret

smile with paperYes, there IS a happiness secret and you can use it anytime you aren’t feeling happy. This secret has been revealed through many research studies and experiments during the past several decades.

This short cut to being happy is based on the fact that your feelings and thoughts make you behave a certain way. For example, when you are feeling happy – it makes you smile; when you feel sad – it makes you frown. Well, here’s the big secret: the opposite is true! So, when you force your face to smile, it actually makes you feel happy – and when you frown, you automatically start to feel sad.

Why – because your body is connected to your feelings. When your body, including your facial expressions is in a happy position, a message is sent to your brain that you are happy and happiness begins to swell up in you…and vice-versa.

If you act like you’re happy and your body and face are in positions as if you were happy,  you will start to be happy. Of course, you have to be real. Doing a quick half-a-second smile is not going to cut it. If you want to lift your mood, create the facial expression as if you really were happy. Your forehead and cheeks are usually relaxed, your muscles around the corners of your mouth are extended into a wide-open smile, and your eyebrows muscles are extended slightly upward.

Smiling can change your day, your business, your relationships, and your mood. Go for it! It not only works like magic, it’s fun!

Don’t you think everyone should know this? What a happy world we would have. Use it – and spread the world!