Life is a Puzzle, Are All Your Pieces in Place?


glenda-feilen-products-life-is-a-puzzleIncludes: Step-by-step Workbook and 6 audios


Put your pieces in place with this simple and easy home study course to attract anything and everything into your life. This is the core of the philosophy of the Law of Attraction. You must master these techniques before you can significantly and permanently improve your life. Discover passion & excitement in your life.



  • Learn proven scientific brain techniques to attract money
  • Attract Success Now
  • Stop running your life in circles
  • Fall in love with every moment of your life
  • Learn little known secrets of how to create exactly what you want




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The Law of Attraction is glamorized by Hollywood and taught as a concept, but concepts don’t attract anything! You must put action steps behind Law of Attraction concepts to make it work for you. This program has all the action steps for the energy field Within You.
It’s all about you. It’s about your life. It’s about being happy. It’s learning how to manage your internal world.

What people are saying about Life Is A Puzzle. Are All Your Pieces in Place?

This is the most empowering program I have ever done. When I finished this home study course, I knew what to do, why to do it, and how to do it. And best of all, it’s simple! I could not put this amazing study course down.
– Julie Johnson, CA

My life is living proof that anyone can dream, set goals, and enjoy success. I have been a student of Glenda Feilen’s for over 20 years. Glenda’s techniques, when used daily, can fill your toolbox with every skill you need to magnetically bring your dreams to you. Just be playful and do the easy step-by-step process in this course and I guarantee that your life will transform into whatever you imagine. Most people don t believe it can be this easy, but it is!
– Nancy Whittier, WA

I know that success can be learned because I learned the principles in this course and began using them daily. Since I began using Glenda’s techniques, my income has more than doubled, my health problems are no longer an issue, and my family is happier than we have ever been.

This course is a complete roadmap to become truly happy. The minute you open start this program, you can start changing your life.
– Debbie Houser, AZ



Own this training already? CLICK HERE to login!