Oprah Cleared It Up About Your Past

We all know that thinking about the past will only bring us more of what we had in the past, however I am constantly amazed how many people refer to, explain, describe, enjoy reiterating things they didn’t like about their past.

The past comes up in everyday conversation and often people don’t even realize they have traveled backwards mentally and emotionally.

let go of your past

I love what Oprah said about the past on her TV show. She quoted Iyanla Vanzant who said, “Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could be any different.” This is it!! As long as you can come to the understanding that your past was the way it was, even though it might not have been the way you wanted your past to be or the way you wished your past was… BUT THAT IT IS THE WAY IT WAS, then you are ready to move forward. You have accepted that it was that way. You can now deal with it. You can say, “ I can see it IS past and I will never change it and therefore I am ready to see a future because I know it will never change…but I CAN change my future even though I will never change my past!

Many people just don’t get that their past simply can’t be different. They can’t wish it away. They can’t explain it away. They can’t complain it away. They can’t keep suffering it away. It’s not going away! It’s there. It’s yours and nothing is going to change except your future once you when you accept that.

This works with every area of your past when you give up the hope that it could be different life will only improve, once you do this.

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