Need More Money?

If you are saying, “Yes, I need more money and I am so frustrated (or sad, or angry, or depressed”), then I have a little secret for you.

7658159678_0041ab3d5e_zSome people think that as soon as they get more money, they will stop being frustrated, or sad, or angry, or depressed, but the secret is – you have to stop feeling those emotions about money FIRST.

The energy those negative feelings radiate block money from coming to you. Remember like attracts like. High vibrational feelings, such as feeling happy and grateful for the money you have, will attract more money. Your finances will change as soon as you change.

How you feel and speak about money is in direct relation to the money that comes to you. Think and speak only prosperously about your own money, as well as other people’s finances. When you think and speak of money, make sure it is always in a positive way and prosperity will positively come to you. [Related: 5 Things You Need to Give up Before You Get Past Your Blockages]


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