Is There Love at First Site?

Is there such a thing as ‘love at first site’? 54% of girls and of 56% of boys say they have experienced it. Some people might call it love. What is actually being felt that seems to be ‘instant love’ are the vibrations of energy that are emanating from each person and syncing between the two of them.

Each of us has a unique energy and when two energies create a high attraction and create an obvious excitement, we call it ‘love’.

Each of us has come into this earth with a very specific combination of 4 energies that make up everything in the universe. Certain energies match up with and automatically feel ‘loved’ by other energies. To find out what your specific energy is take this quick questionnaire. –  What’s YOUR Love Energy?  If you haven’t found the perfect match yet, find out exactly which energy you are and which ones are your perfect love attraction.

It’s important to know what ‘love’ really means to other person. It appears that 9 out of 10 people are seeking someone to be able to trust and confide in. However, we also see that according to this survey, only 14% of people who say “I love you” mean ‘I want to spend my life with you’ and only 19% mean ‘I want a committed relationship.’

Maybe communication skills in both men and women need to be improved since an amazing 5 out of 10 relationships breakup through a text. What? In my opinion, that wasn’t really a relationship!

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