I’ll Be Happy ‘when……’

vibrationsI’ll be happy when…

When WHAT? When…..  ‘when get a different job, when I meet the right person, when I get a raise, when I lose weight, when…. whatever.’

Well, It doesn’t work that way! Why? – because ‘when’ never comes until you are happy FIRST. When you are happy already, then the other things you want that will make you happy will be magnetized to you because you are in the happy energy vibration.

Your life, your relationships, your finances, and all the things happening in your life are being attracted to you by the level of happiness (or not) that you are feeling NOW. Your feelings indicate you energy level (your vibrational level from 1 to 1000, Love being 500. Anything above 500 will start bringing ‘happy’ into your life. Such feelings are allowing, accepting, being willing, gratitude, celebrating, and fun.

Those feelings are expansive. they are magnetic. They draw things to you that have the same energy.

So what do you do to be happy NOW? You start finding things that you can do to be allowing, accepting, being willing, or feeling or expressing gratitude, celebrating, and having fun. That’s a pretty easy thing to do and much better than sitting around thinking about how unhappy you are now. YOU choose your feelings and in that way YOU choose your happiness.

You can change how you feel about a thing a person, a situation in about nano-second. Which of those feelings are you going to start feeling right now?

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