How Your Emotions Cause You Physical Pain

woman in painScience has confirmed it. Research study after research study reveals that there is a deep mind-body connection. What does that mean? Simple – it means that your emotions are held in your body…in your blood, your organs, your joints, your reproductive system, your eyes and ears and everywhere. Your emotions speak to you and manifest symptoms in your body in an attempt to make you aware of emotions that you are not acknowledging and healing.

Your magnificent body was created so that each emotion is manifested in a specific location in the body.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your lung/breast area is negatively affected when you have a nurturing issue. You can have a case where you are being mothered or experiencing an overbearing nurturing situation or it can be when you are lacking nurturing.
  • Your arm(s) give your trouble when you are having issues giving or receiving love. If the problem is a male or work, it is manifesting on the right side. If the problem is a female, the pain will be on the left. This is true for the whole body no matter where the pain or illness is located.
  • Your neck area speaks to you when you are being resistant or stiff-necked to something. 
  • Your shoulder(s) have a problem when you feel you are shouldering the burden of something that is weighing on you.
  • Your leg(s) can have some kind of pain when you are having problems moving forward with some thing in your life.
  • Your pancreas indicates you have a raging anger burning inside you.

It doesn’t matter whether it is caused by an accident or some health problem. If you have a problem in the body, you have a problem in your emotional well being.

Stay healthy by keeping a positive emotional state and deal with your emotional problems when they arise. If you don’t, your body will bring them to your attention in a way that can’t be ignored!

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