How to Turn a Wish Into Reality

You could make a wish – OR – you could make it happen. Every day you get to choose!

People constantly tell others their wishes, what they wish to get, what they wish to happen, who they wish would come into the life, and how they wish things would change, and so on. Maybe that’s you. If so, quit wasting time with your wishing and start making it happen.

shutterstock_153653219Wishes are like fishes. They swim into your mind and swim right on by. They flow in your mind and there they go. They don’t stay because you need to capture one – and allow it to stay in your life.

How do you do that? Oh so simple – but oh, so important!

First – you catch the wish coming out of your mouth and make it into a goal (with a date and a deadline). Write it down quickly before it floats on by.

Next – you put energy on it so it doesn’t leave again by seeing it in your mind as if you already had it in your life (and remember to feel the feelings as if you already had it.) Do this over and over again and each time it feels more like staying with you.

Next – you make a vision board with pictures of exactly what you want. This sets the details of your plan.

Then – you write the action steps, in order that you will take them to bring this wish into reality (attraction takes action!)

As soon as your ‘wish’ turns into a reality, celebrate like heck. You did it! You didn’t just make a wish; you made it happen.

Then – start all over again. Don’t just say, “I wish…..” Catch it and connect with it so you can keep it.”

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