How to Send a Love Vibration

shutterstock_119906179Everything is energy! So what? Do you know what causes every single good thing and every single bad thing to come into your life? It’s energy. Oh, how I wish you could see energy so you would understand it. As humans, we understand things when we can see them because we rely so much on our senses…but you can’t see it, so I need to tell you about it and how important it is. First of all, energy moves at certain speeds, in fact, we say that it vibrates.

I read a book some years that made a huge impact my life. The book was written by Dr. David Hawkins who actually tested humans according to the speeds of energy they walk around radiating outward. What are we talking about? We are talking about that light that comes into your body when you are born. That light is energy and we radiate that energy every moment we are alive.

Dr. Hawkins had a scale of zero to 1000. If your emotional state were at the level of 1000, you would be Jesus. And if your emotions were at the level of shame, you would be close to death, the vibration of 20. Guilt is a level of 30. So, it’s obvious that to raise your emotional well being, you would have to start eliminating all the guilt and shame from your life. The vibration of fear is 100 – it’s pretty low. The vibration of anger is 150, courage 200, acceptance and forgiveness is 350, and LOVE is the vibration of 500. So it’s the halfway mark. Compassion is 600, appreciation is 720, gratitude is 900, and enlightenment is 1000.

When Dr. Hawkins did his research, the average level of humanity on the planet was only 207.The average consciousness of the United States is 421; So we’re operating a little bit below love. China was 300, India 355 and the Middle East 170.

If your vibration is high you’ll be happy, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, and kind and similar people are going to be attracted to you. If your vibration is low, you’ll be among the most fearful, angry, guilty, ashamed people on the planet and you will attract the same type of people and situations into your life.

To attract a wonderful soul mate; a harmonious family life; positive helpful workers; fun-fill, enjoyable social friends; affluent customers, and money to fill your bank account; you must increase the constant energy vibration you are radiating. All those things I’ve listed radiate at a high speed – they are high vibrational – so you want to match them. YOU need to embody new emotions high on the vibrational chart as a new way of being so that energy becomes a part of you. So it becomes who you are, no matter where you are.

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  1. kathy
    kathy says:

    I love this stuff. Now, how to raise our energy levels: practice feng shui; face one of our 4 lucky directions as often as possible; dress according to our innate energy; meditate; practice positive thinking; feel our inner body energy: visualize our goals? Cant wait to hear back!


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