How to Get Happy

cute-18716_1280If you aren’t as happy as you’d like to be, you can fix that. If you’ve been waiting for something or someone to make you happy, that is never going to work, so delete that path to happiness right now. It’s up to you and no one else and nothing else can do it.

First of all, if you aren’t happy, you need to know you are blocking it from coming to you. I’m sure you’re not doing this on purpose; so let me tell you how you are doing this without even knowing it.

If you want money, a happy relationship, or even better health, there is something you must do or it will never manifest in your life the way you want.

Here’s the secret: The highest thing you desire in your life is waiting to come to you, however the lowest feeling you have is blocking it. If you have any resentment, anger, sadness, worry, and low vibrational, negative feelings, the high vibrational money, relationship, and health you are desiring, cannot reach you until you clear the dense, negative energy.

Clear those negative feelings! You are clearing them for YOU. YOU are the one who wants to be happy. When you clear them, you will allow yourself to feel high vibrational feelings such as joy, acceptance, and happiness.

When you get in the habit of feeling these high vibrational feelings, high vibrational money, relationships, and health will being to manifest in every area of your life.

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