How the Law of Attraction Can Work for You

LOA“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla. “

Scientifically speaking, “We know that when an atom changes its state, it absorbs or emits electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing its state.  Do different emotions, ways of looking of things, mental attitudes and feelings result in different electromagnetic frequencies? Yes! This has been proven.”

That’s right…. Science actually proves it – just in case you thought this whole ‘energy thing’ was a fantasy.

Do you think in terms of energy? Do you realize that every little thought, every emotion, every movement; every THING in your life has to do with your energy. It’s pretty hard to realize the importance of energy because you can’t see it moving around.

Studies have shown that a person with positive emotions has a very can lead to a very different life for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them.

What does this science all mean to you? Does it mean that when you wake up in the morning and decide to say to yourself, “This is going to be a great day! Wonderful things are going to happen to me today! (and feeling the feeling that you would have when something fabulous happens to you) – you WILL have a pretty awesome day because you changed your state which changed your magnetic frequency and what you draw to you as you go thro the day.

It means that when you look at the bad things that could possibly happen, stay in a blah mood, or even throw in a negative thought or two, you change your state and draw things to you that are not so awesome.

What a great system the universe gives us to create each day, our life, and everything in it! Keep your state positive so positive energy can bring you awesome things!

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