How a Negative Mind Will Never Give You a Positive Life

pos lifeA negative mind  can only bring negativity into a person’s life. Negative energy attracts negative circumstances, negative people, and negative situations. It’s a universal law that  what you put out is exactly what comes back into your life.

None wants to have a negative mind but they don’t realize that it’s their habits that create their negative mind. Which habits bring negativity into your life?

Tiny, little, innocent things that you might not think could make a difference in anyone’s life are the dirty little culprits. Things such as complaining and blaming are two of the worst things you can do. Complaining is straight up thinking about the bad side of a situation. Blaming is giving up complete responsibility for your life which, in itself, brings in negativity.

Looking at a person’s fault rather than what’s good about them can be a devastating habit which can destroy your overall attitude as well as your overall relationship with that person.

Expecting a bad outcome in a situation rather than believing in a good one, can be a habit that can only bring a bad outcome most of the time. Studies show that you usually get what you expect. The more the negative outcome happens, the more you expect it and it becomes a circle of doom.

Repeating or sharing bad things that happen can only bring more bad things to happen. What you think about and speak about – comes about. Think about the way you want the situation to turn out and put the unpleasant situation behind you. It’s over – don’t perpetuate that energy by spreading it around to others.

Replaying experiences in your mind that didn’t go the way you wanted is a sure-fire way to tell your mind you want more of them. See it in your mind the way you wanted it to happen and you will actually change the energy of the situation.

Check your habits..once you recognize that you have a habit to work on, you’ve already begun to change negativity to positivity. Pick one right now and consciously make a change. It takes a positive mind to have a positive life and you can learn to have a positive mind.






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