Fake It ‘Till You Make It Works in Reverse

Let’s talk about the little phrase, Fake it ‘til you make it. It works in reverse and a lot of lady with finger uppeople don’t know that. What is “fake it ’til you make it”? We’ve all heard it. It just means that if you want to meet a goal or you want to do something (anything you want to do or have in life), you’ll find someone who’s done it and do exactly what they do, have the same mindset they do,  think what they do, and completely imitate them in every way.

Doing that programs your subconscious mind, which is just like a computer, and which does not take a joke and it creates your life. That’s its purpose, to take exactly what is programmed into it and to create your life accordingly. The other day I was thinking that there are people that don’t realize that it works in reverse.

I met a woman who bought a picture frame that showed her husband was in prison. It had bars across where you would see his face. She thought it was so funny. She put his picture in the frame, gave it to him for a gift, and showed everybody. She put it on the counter where everyone who came in could see it. She really got into it with her emotions as she put it out to the universe. Guess what happened? Amazingly, although he had no previous criminal record, he ended up in prison. Why? Because she faked it. She had focused on it with emotion even though it was not something she really wanted! Her mind got the message that this is what I should create in her life. In this case, it was her husband in prison.

It just so happened that he owned the property where one of his workers had parked a piece of heavy equipment, which he had stolen. The huge price of the equipment made this stolen property a felony and he couldn’t prove that a worker had stolen it, therefore, he was liable.

Another example is Christopher Reeves, who played the role of a paraplegic in a movie really got into the role. As an outstanding actor, he became a paraplegic mentally and emotionally. He was so much into it that after the movie was over, he became a paraplegic. How did that happen? A very strange accident occurred.They looked at the video over and over and over again and they couldn’t figure out how it happened. He was riding a horse and the way it happened defied any kind of natural law. Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. His subconscious mind created that.

Here’s another example. A little boy lived in a very nice neighborhood where a drive by shooting would never occur. Because of his school project, he got interested in it and he started really focusing on it. He started writing about it. He went to the White House and was even on TV talking about this. He was just a young boy in elementary school. Of course, while he was actually focusing on it, he was programming it into his mind. Amazingly, a strange thing happened. It was something that has never happened before or after in his neighborhood. There was a very unique drive-by shooting and the bullet accidentally hit and killed one person – this little boy! What a coincidence. Not really! Fake ‘till you make it’ works in reverse too!

Just think about it today as you go through your day, what are you emotionalizing? What are you ‘faking it until you make it’ on? What are you focusing on with your emotions (whether you want it or not)? Your mind does not take a joke. The universe does not take a joke. It’s just like a computer; you’ll get what you program into it.



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