Don’t Wallow in Worry or Disappointment

Don’t do this! Don’t let yourself wallow in worry or disappointment. Why worried ladynot? Well, whatever happened that you’re not too happy about is something you created in the first place. I know you say, “No, I didn’t want this.” Well, you may not have wanted it, however, you created it with your previous thoughts. Perhaps it wasn’t thoughts about this very thing, but things that are on the same vibrational frequency. What you send out comes back.

When something bad happens, constantly thinking about it, constantly replaying it in your mind, constantly feeling the disappointment, does only one thing – it attracts more stuff to be upset about. It attracts more of the same. More stuff on that will bring worry and disappointment.

Is it easy to snap out of it and start thinking about the way you want it to be instead the miserable plight you are currently in? It’s only difficult if your habit is wallow in worry. It’s a skill. It’s like anything you want to consciously get good at. Just like riding a bike, you decide to do it and you start. You aren’t perfect at first, but you get better and better and soon you are doing it without even a thought. [Related: How To Get Happy!]

You can take charge of your mind. You choose what goes in there. Start now and soon you’ll see how amazing things happen in your life.







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