Choose People Wisely!

People inspire you or drain you – so choose wisely!

Some people bring you sunshine. They open up your life and let the light in. They bring you ideas and inspiration. They are filled with energy and love. They wish only the best for you. They see the positive in their life and in yours. You feel their bright energy the minute they enter the room.

Some people are downers. They bring you negativity. They see all the things that can go wrong. Even if something positive happens in your life, they will be able to relate all the bad things about it. Because they constantly talk about all the bad in their lives, they have no energy themselves; therefore when they are with you, they literally suck your energy. When these energy suckers leave, you feel drained and exhausted.

Can you really choose the people in your life? Absolutely, if you don’t make that important decision, who will? You can’t leave it up to others because downers will always be there if you let them. They spend their life looking for people to hear their negative, dramatic life details.sun

Once you identify a ‘Debbie-downer’, stop them in their tracks. Tell that person you choose to talk only about positive things. That won’t fit into their lifestyle so they might make themselves scarce, but it’s doubtful because they are persistent about spreading their drama. If that’s the case, then you must make yourself scarce to them.

Should you feel bad about excluding someone from your life? No way! Energy is contagious. The positive person will bring positive energy into your life that expands it but the negative person will start your life on a downward slide.

And remember to be the person who brings sunshine and inspiration into the life of others.

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