How a Negative Mind Will Never Give You a Positive Life

pos lifeA negative mind  can only bring negativity into a person’s life. Negative energy attracts negative circumstances, negative people, and negative situations. It’s a universal law that  what you put out is exactly what comes back into your life.

None wants to have a negative mind but they don’t realize that it’s their habits that create their negative mind. Which habits bring negativity into your life?

Tiny, little, innocent things that you might not think could make a difference in anyone’s life are the dirty little culprits. Things such as complaining and blaming are two of the worst things you can do. Complaining is straight up thinking about the bad side of a situation. Blaming is giving up complete responsibility for your life which, in itself, brings in negativity.

Looking at a person’s fault rather than what’s good about them can be a devastating habit which can destroy your overall attitude as well as your overall relationship with that person.

Expecting a bad outcome in a situation rather than believing in a good one, can be a habit that can only bring a bad outcome most of the time. Studies show that you usually get what you expect. The more the negative outcome happens, the more you expect it and it becomes a circle of doom.

Repeating or sharing bad things that happen can only bring more bad things to happen. What you think about and speak about – comes about. Think about the way you want the situation to turn out and put the unpleasant situation behind you. It’s over – don’t perpetuate that energy by spreading it around to others.

Replaying experiences in your mind that didn’t go the way you wanted is a sure-fire way to tell your mind you want more of them. See it in your mind the way you wanted it to happen and you will actually change the energy of the situation.

Check your habits..once you recognize that you have a habit to work on, you’ve already begun to change negativity to positivity. Pick one right now and consciously make a change. It takes a positive mind to have a positive life and you can learn to have a positive mind.






You CAN Change the Past

woman-424693_1280Your future does not have to equal your past. However, if you are one of those people who believes that to change your past would be of benefit in changing your future, then proceed. Your past is a part of you, just as your present and your future,  and you change it by revising some scenes. If you can change the future with imagination, you can certainly change the past. Energy is energy—future or past. What imagination makes it can unmake. To relive the past, you must reconstruct it with new content; the way you wish you had lived it.

For example, maybe today’s sales call did not go as well as you’d hoped (you probably did not visualize it the way you wanted before you went to bed the night before). In your imagination, change the outcome. See the client enthusiastically greeting you. See yourself being thanked for caring so much, for offering them the opportunity to purchase. Hear the client give you a large order (be specific) and then see yourself receiving payment. In your imagination go over this several times and feel the elation you would have felt had it proceeded as you had wished.

You had a bad experience when you were young. Change the way it ended in your imagination. When you do this, you are changing the energy of the situation and how it affects you. Feel how great it feels to have it ended the way you wanted it to happen. Create the new experience in your mind and you are creating it in your past. Never see it again the way you don’t want to remember it!

You will be amazed at the coincidences and changed results that occur directly after you have made a past revision. Every night, look at your day and revise those things that need to be changed. If you didn’t get the job, change it. See yourself working in a happy productive environment making even more money that you currently do. If someone spoke unkindly to you, change it. If you found something you want to buy but the price is too high, change it.

As you relive your day and make changes, you are altering the present energy pattern. You will go into the future from that moment on, with the new altered pattern that you have created.

Why not just create the future and forget the past? You can. Sometimes, however, it is a good preliminary step to change a recent past situation that is related to something you desire in the future. Some people find that they receive an emotional clearing by changing the energy in a past occurrence. Do it once. It’s over. Do not dwell on it ever again. Proceed to enjoy the present moment now that you have changed the past and are creating what you want for the future.


How to Get High Without Drugs

person-110303_1280I know people who live on an absolute high – day after day and they never take a drug. How do they do it? They get high on life. It’s a simple strategy…but first; let’s look at why people decide to resort to drugs?

A person, who is addicted to drugs or some other mind-bending substance, finds it an awesome high from their desperate, current life – or something that previously happened that they want to forget. The addiction gives them an escape that is like being free. It’s being free from a loss, an experience, a sad life, and actually, anything they want to forget or get away from. They have decided the ONLY way out is to escape reality. The problem is it’s a temporary high and it actually prevents you from living an happy life.

How about a permanent high? Wouldn’t that be better? You can be free anytime you decide. If your reality is not what you want, you have the power to change it. When you are down and out and stuck in slow, negative emotional energy, it’s hard to even believe there is a way to happiness. There is! It all starts with a new habit.

The habit is to letting go of judgment! What ever you see, hear, or happens, or has happened, let it be okay!! (The only exception is if there is a situation where you are being abused or are afraid. Sometimes when you are in that situation, you might get used to that type of high. That is as dangerous as drugs, or more so. You MUST change the environment. Get out or get the abuser out!)

Here’s how to start being high on life. Whatever happens to you, good or bad, simply do not judge, but see at least one good thing in the situation and say to yourself, “This is awesome!” Feel good about that one thing. As you do that, your brain will open to bring you a little more awesome …… and when you persist, pretty soon, you will attract more and more awesome and soon, awesome things you never thought could happen in your life will happen.

As you go through each day, look around and find things where you can say, “That is awesome!” Find an awesome rock, flower, person, something someone is wearing, something someone says, a butterfly, a drink….whatever! There is a lot of awesome out there is you look for it which can give you a high feeling. When you do that, it will grow and grow and eventually, you will be high on life.

Is There Love at First Site?

Is there such a thing as ‘love at first site’? 54% of girls and of 56% of boys say they have experienced it. Some people might call it love. What is actually being felt that seems to be ‘instant love’ are the vibrations of energy that are emanating from each person and syncing between the two of them.

Each of us has a unique energy and when two energies create a high attraction and create an obvious excitement, we call it ‘love’.

Each of us has come into this earth with a very specific combination of 4 energies that make up everything in the universe. Certain energies match up with and automatically feel ‘loved’ by other energies. To find out what your specific energy is take this quick questionnaire. –  What’s YOUR Love Energy?  If you haven’t found the perfect match yet, find out exactly which energy you are and which ones are your perfect love attraction.

It’s important to know what ‘love’ really means to other person. It appears that 9 out of 10 people are seeking someone to be able to trust and confide in. However, we also see that according to this survey, only 14% of people who say “I love you” mean ‘I want to spend my life with you’ and only 19% mean ‘I want a committed relationship.’

Maybe communication skills in both men and women need to be improved since an amazing 5 out of 10 relationships breakup through a text. What? In my opinion, that wasn’t really a relationship!

Everything About Relationships

How Nature’s Secret Can Help Your Success

Untitledattachment000252-1Nature never gives up! Never – it just keeps hanging in there against all kinds of problems. It pushes forward. It doesn’t consider giving up. It just keeps on plugging and doesn’t even realize that giving up is an option. . Can’t burst through a hard surface….no problem. Can’t find a place to put nourishing roots…no problem. Nothing is a problem because it always finds a way.

What is it that you are having problems with? What problems are you encountering? There IS a way and it’s probably something you’ve never thought of before. Who would think that a dainty, little flower would pop up through a hard concrete surface? Who would think a beautiful tree would grow with no place for its roots? With nature, failure is not an option because it knows how to persevere.Untitledattachment000221

What if what want to happen, could happen? What would have to occur for you to accomplish it? Okay – now, go for it! There is a way. You’ve heard ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and it’s so true. What you think would be a miracle may not be a miracle at all. And, besides, miracles happen every day. Giving up should never be an option.

Be like nature – and never give up!

How to Take Control of Your Beliefs

images-2Do you know what your subconscious mind is – and especially what effect it has on your life? Do you know that your subconscious mind is a million times more powerful than your conscious mind and that you operate 95 to 99 percent of your life from subconscious programs. The fact is that your subconscious beliefs are either working for you or against you.

You don’t actually control your life, because your subconscious mind overrides your conscious thinking mind. We all have unconscious beliefs that sabotage us. For example, many people don’t make the money they want because they have an unconscious program running their subconscious computer that blocks your prosperity, such as ‘being rich is bad’, ‘I’ll never be rich’, I’m not worthy’, and so on.

When you know how to reprogram your subconscious mind, with your thoughts, visualizations, words, and feelings, you can create healing, new money, new relationships and new opportunities.

A study revealed that your physical health is most frequently determined by your subconscious mind. Your body takes orders from your subconscious beliefs. If you’ve been told you’ll die in six months by an authority figure such as a doctor, and your mind believes it, you probably will die in six months. However, it also works the opposite way. When you install new programs and beliefs in your subconscious mind, such as being well, your body gets new orders and responds accordingly. The body adjusts to fit your beliefs.

Isn’t it wonderful to know you can change your damaging unconscious beliefs and install new programs and beliefs with your conscious mind? Begin now to consciously change your unconscious negative beliefs. [Related: Entertain Your Brain]

How to Send a Love Vibration

shutterstock_119906179Everything is energy! So what? Do you know what causes every single good thing and every single bad thing to come into your life? It’s energy. Oh, how I wish you could see energy so you would understand it. As humans, we understand things when we can see them because we rely so much on our senses…but you can’t see it, so I need to tell you about it and how important it is. First of all, energy moves at certain speeds, in fact, we say that it vibrates.

I read a book some years that made a huge impact my life. The book was written by Dr. David Hawkins who actually tested humans according to the speeds of energy they walk around radiating outward. What are we talking about? We are talking about that light that comes into your body when you are born. That light is energy and we radiate that energy every moment we are alive.

Dr. Hawkins had a scale of zero to 1000. If your emotional state were at the level of 1000, you would be Jesus. And if your emotions were at the level of shame, you would be close to death, the vibration of 20. Guilt is a level of 30. So, it’s obvious that to raise your emotional well being, you would have to start eliminating all the guilt and shame from your life. The vibration of fear is 100 – it’s pretty low. The vibration of anger is 150, courage 200, acceptance and forgiveness is 350, and LOVE is the vibration of 500. So it’s the halfway mark. Compassion is 600, appreciation is 720, gratitude is 900, and enlightenment is 1000.

When Dr. Hawkins did his research, the average level of humanity on the planet was only 207.The average consciousness of the United States is 421; So we’re operating a little bit below love. China was 300, India 355 and the Middle East 170.

If your vibration is high you’ll be happy, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, and kind and similar people are going to be attracted to you. If your vibration is low, you’ll be among the most fearful, angry, guilty, ashamed people on the planet and you will attract the same type of people and situations into your life.

To attract a wonderful soul mate; a harmonious family life; positive helpful workers; fun-fill, enjoyable social friends; affluent customers, and money to fill your bank account; you must increase the constant energy vibration you are radiating. All those things I’ve listed radiate at a high speed – they are high vibrational – so you want to match them. YOU need to embody new emotions high on the vibrational chart as a new way of being so that energy becomes a part of you. So it becomes who you are, no matter where you are.

Entertain Your Brain

shutterstock_153653219Entertain your brain…that sounds fun, doesn’t it? It is fun, however it’s more than entertainment. When you daydream, you are entertaining your brain and sending orders of things you want to your brain.

What do you really want? Do you want a new job? Do you want a vacation? Do you want a new house, a new car or a new relationship? Think big! There is nothing you can’t have when you make it a great mental experience, one that makes you feel like you’re right there enjoying whatever you want.

When your mind sees an experience as if it were already happening and you have the feeling as if it were experiencing it in that moment, your mind actually thinks it is happening. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something that is imagined with feeling, therefore it thinks it’s real and quickly goes about manifesting it in your life.

Here are a few rules: when you entertain your brain, you want to see details, make it specific, have fun, make it colorful and use all your senses. The feelings you are feeling as you are playing this in your mind are sending powerful energy messages about what you’re experiencing. The more you replay this scenario, the easier it will become and the quicker it will manifest in your physical life.

Now you know, it’s not a waist of time to entertain your brain when you do it in a realistic way; it’s something you can consciously do to improve any area of your life you choose.


How To Overcome Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes. So what! There is not a person living on this planet who does not make mistakes. imgoIf they were perfect, they wouldn’t be here…seriously. So you are not unique, or a failure, or stupid, or anything,  just because you make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of being human. Hurray – you are human!

Why do we make mistakes? Why weren’t we born perfect so we could have a perfect world? There’s a very huge reason. You are here to learn through your mistakes how to be the best person you could possibly be – and finally, eventually, somewhere, sometime, in the future world, you will be perfect. Right now, enjoy learning wonderful lessons you planned for yourself, through your mistakes. It’s how you come back from the mistake that matters! 

Okay, so you made a mistake, or something bad happens, what do you do? Accept it! Right away say, “Yep, I blew it.” Step two is – do what you can to fix it, if that’s the best outcome for all involved. Step three is –  to ask yourself, “Okay, what am I to learn from this if it never happens again.”

You attract everything into your life. It’s you and you alone and if you don’t learn from your mistakes you may just make it again and again. The first time you do something, it’s an accident – the second time, it’s a choice. 

The more mistakes, the wiser and happier you become. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change – and we are here to change and grow.

How to be Happy – Do You Have Happy Habits?

Happy People Have Happy Habits

shutterstock_109354649Here are some of the main habits that are consistent in happy people. How many do you need to incorporate in your life?

1. The first habit happy people have is to decide to be happy. They literally make it their intention to be happy.

2. They consciously put things in their day to make them happy. They get involved in hobbies that give you happiness. Go places that bring you joy. Spend time with happy people. If you are going to choose to be happy, you must schedule happy things.

3. Happy people think happy thoughts. If they don’t have one, they think of a happy time in their past. They always keep a happy smile on their faces. If there is a time when they aren’t feeling especially happy, they fake with a happy smile and place their body in the position it would be if they were happy. Your body responds to your mind and your mind responds to your body.

4. A very important habit is finding happiness in tiny little moments during the day – things like the smell of your cinnamon tea, the way your puppy wags his tail at you, the sound of your kids laughing… Find awe in daily moments. They are filled with joy if you expect them and look for them.

5. Happy people chill out. They are playful. They take time to joke, to interact in a fun way with others. Also they schedule a getaway so they break up their daily grind. Recently my dentist told me that he and his wife had a marvelous getaway right in the next town that recharged them both. He said it couldn’t have been better if they had flown clear across the continent.

6. Happy people always have one important characteristic. They have a kind spirit. They praise; they give; they let others go first; they do random acts of kindness.

The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They make the best of everything. Happiness to you!