Do You Have a Positive Mind?

woman thinkingA negative mind will not give you a positive life. Everyone wants a positive life because a positive life is filled with success, fulfilling relationships, and happiness. It’s a fact that you life is a print out of the negative or positive thoughts in your mind.

How do you know you don’t have a negative mind? Answer these questions:   Be honest – answer them the way you are, not the way you wish you were!

  1. When someone gives you a suggestion do you frequently think of a reason why it won’t work?
  2. When you meet someone for the first time, do you usually think of something bad or that you don’t like about the person?
  3. When something you don’t like happens to you, do you quickly share it with friends and family?
  4. Do you have a close friend who is a drama queen?
  5. Are you afraid you won’t get your main goal you want in life?
  6. Are you hard on yourself and frequently quietly criticize yourself?
  7. Are you a worrier?
  8. Do you wish you had more fun in life and laughed more?

If you answered ‘yes’ to 4 or more, you’re not a raging optimist; in fact, you are probably a pessimist. If that’s you, it’s important to realize that when you complain or have pessimistic attitude, you’ve made a decision that something is not good. Change that habit! Look for the good! It’s there if you look for it.

Time to see the other side of life. There’s a song that says, ‘‘Turn that frown upside down and smile that frown away.’

 What to do to be more positive:

  • Consciously be more open to suggestions and people.
  • Stop speaking negatively to yourself and others.
  • Speak only about what you want, not about something bad that happened nor what you don’t want.
  • Keep a smile on your face and have more fun.
  • When you find yourself worrying, immediately change your thoughts to see the way you want the situation to turn out.
  • Quit watching negative news programs (well, that’s pretty much all news these days!)

A change of mind can change your life quickly. Go for it!

I’ll Be Happy ‘when……’

vibrationsI’ll be happy when…

When WHAT? When…..  ‘when get a different job, when I meet the right person, when I get a raise, when I lose weight, when…. whatever.’

Well, It doesn’t work that way! Why? – because ‘when’ never comes until you are happy FIRST. When you are happy already, then the other things you want that will make you happy will be magnetized to you because you are in the happy energy vibration.

Your life, your relationships, your finances, and all the things happening in your life are being attracted to you by the level of happiness (or not) that you are feeling NOW. Your feelings indicate you energy level (your vibrational level from 1 to 1000, Love being 500. Anything above 500 will start bringing ‘happy’ into your life. Such feelings are allowing, accepting, being willing, gratitude, celebrating, and fun.

Those feelings are expansive. they are magnetic. They draw things to you that have the same energy.

So what do you do to be happy NOW? You start finding things that you can do to be allowing, accepting, being willing, or feeling or expressing gratitude, celebrating, and having fun. That’s a pretty easy thing to do and much better than sitting around thinking about how unhappy you are now. YOU choose your feelings and in that way YOU choose your happiness.

You can change how you feel about a thing a person, a situation in about nano-second. Which of those feelings are you going to start feeling right now?

Turn on Your Heart Light

heart-lightI’m sure you’ve heard the song, Turn on Your Heart Light, by Neil Diamond. If not, you need to. It’s beautiful AND what a great message.

How would it help you to turn on your heart light and how do you do it?

The reason why: When you turn on your heart light, you turn on your spiritual gifts. You increase your inspiration and intuition. You also make your own inner light brighter, and you start to fill your life with fabulous feelings of love, joy, abundance, and fun. Your life just gets better and better as long as you keep shining! The bottom line is that great things don’t usually happen when you are worried, bored, sad, or fearful. So, you can keep your life happy with your heart light.

Turn on your heart light-

Let it shine wherever you go,

Let it make a happy glow

For all the world to see

So, how do you do it? Obviously, there isn’t a physical switch. There is a inner switch which is so easy to turn on that anyone can quickly make it a habit. When you meet someone or begin to speak to a person, say to yourself, “I’m so grateful this person is in my life because… or… I”m so happy to know this person because…..”.  That’s right, take less than a quarter of second and think of something good about person and then FEEL love for that person from your heart. Just think of your heart shining a ray of love light to that person. You HAVE to send that love from your heart! Love energy will create miracles in your life and in theirs.

Another thing that will make it easier and start happy things in your life to happen faster, is to constantly send random people and things the little beam from your heart along with your love energy. It’s FUN!

The tough part is remember to do it the first 20 times and then it’ be a habit. It WILL be worth it and you WILL begin to see good things happen right away!

Happy glowing!

How Your Emotions Cause You Physical Pain

woman in painScience has confirmed it. Research study after research study reveals that there is a deep mind-body connection. What does that mean? Simple – it means that your emotions are held in your body…in your blood, your organs, your joints, your reproductive system, your eyes and ears and everywhere. Your emotions speak to you and manifest symptoms in your body in an attempt to make you aware of emotions that you are not acknowledging and healing.

Your magnificent body was created so that each emotion is manifested in a specific location in the body.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Your lung/breast area is negatively affected when you have a nurturing issue. You can have a case where you are being mothered or experiencing an overbearing nurturing situation or it can be when you are lacking nurturing.
  • Your arm(s) give your trouble when you are having issues giving or receiving love. If the problem is a male or work, it is manifesting on the right side. If the problem is a female, the pain will be on the left. This is true for the whole body no matter where the pain or illness is located.
  • Your neck area speaks to you when you are being resistant or stiff-necked to something. 
  • Your shoulder(s) have a problem when you feel you are shouldering the burden of something that is weighing on you.
  • Your leg(s) can have some kind of pain when you are having problems moving forward with some thing in your life.
  • Your pancreas indicates you have a raging anger burning inside you.

It doesn’t matter whether it is caused by an accident or some health problem. If you have a problem in the body, you have a problem in your emotional well being.

Stay healthy by keeping a positive emotional state and deal with your emotional problems when they arise. If you don’t, your body will bring them to your attention in a way that can’t be ignored!

4 Simple Steps to Being as Happy As You Want to Be

making a listThere are 4 little steps that that will increase your happiness level immensely the minute you take action on them.

  1. Do you know what makes you happy? Of course you do! Think back to times when you were really happy. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with? You probably don’t even need to think too hard because you know off the top of your head what makes you happy. MAKE A LIST OF THOSE THINGS RIGHT NOW.
  1. Next, think hard about the things you do everyday from morning to night. Most people have a habit of doing the same thing day after day. As you mentally go through your average day MAKE A LIST OF THOSE THINGS THAT YOU NORMALLY DO EACH DAY.
  1. Now, it’s time to compare the two lists. How many things on your ‘happy list’ do you enjoy everyday? Is your day filled with happy moments or is it barely sprinkled with only a few little happy events? COUNT THE THINGS ON YOUR HAPPY LIST AND then COUNT HOW MANY OF THOSE SHOW UP ON YOUR LIST OF THINGS YOU DO EVERYDAY. How are you doing?  
  1. Here’s the biggie! You know what to do. IT’S TIME FOR YOU MOVE SOME THINGS OFF YOUR LIST #2 (WHAT YOU DO DAILY) TO YOUR LIST #1 (YOUR HAPPY LIST). Who is in charge of your life? Who plans your schedule? Who decides what your priorities are? Who makes your ‘to do’ lists? Who can make a change? YOU can, of course. If you don’t have the ability to run your own life, then you need to make even a bigger change than moving happy things into your day. You need to be the master of your own life. If you aren’t, stop this minute letting someone else run your life. When you allow someone else to run your life, you are a victim and victims are never happy. You must be responsible for your own life – and when you give someone else that responsibility, you are not being responsible! Fix that now – and then take action on the 4 steps to bring more happiness into your life. Happy Days ahead!


3 Ways to Feel Better About Yourself

sunglasses-635269_640It is so important to have a good self worth. How you feel about yourself has everything to do with your relationships, your business success, and your health. 

When you feel good about yourself, it is easier to be optimistic, take more risks in life, and be happier than if you feel inferior. Usually, a person’s self image is formed in childhood. If they had a critical parent who always found fault or told them they would never amount to anything, they still believe it. If they had a parent who easily gave out praise and helped them make good decisions, they feel good about themselves and their present decisions.

No stress! You can change your self-image starting today:

1. Speak to yourself as if you were the most important person in the world, because you are. Constantly say positive, encouraging things to yourself. Nurture yourself. What ever you would do or say to another person to make them feel good, do and say those things to yourself.

2. If I ask you to describe yourself, what would you say? Which words will you use? If they aren’t positive, never use them to describe yourself again. Change the rhetoric. To reframe the mental picture of yourself, pick new words and take time to see yourself in your mind being that new person. Mentally manufacture experiences of you being that person your new words describe. This is the quickest way to start changing your inner feelings about yourself.

3. Smile more! You will automatically begin to feel better about yourself when you go around smiling. When you change the muscles in your face, you actually changes how you feel. Smile at others. Smile when you’re alone. Smile when you’re happy. Smile when you are not. Just make it a habit to smile and soon your habit will be feeling better about yourself everyday.

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

woman can't sleepWhen you lie down to sleep at night, do you have trouble turning your brain off, no matter how tired you are? Unfortunately, this is a common problem.

It’s not fun to try to make yourself unwind and fall asleep when it seems like an impossible task. Here are 3 little, easy-to-do tips that work to let your brain slow down and fall into restful bliss:

  1. Before you even hit the sheets, pick up a piece of paper. Take a few seconds and write down what you have to do tomorrow starting with the most important thing at the to – or when you have them written, number them by priority. Take a big breath and let all the things you wrote go into the great abyss somewhere until tomorrow when you wake up. You won’t forget anything because they are all captured on that little piece of paper so no eed to thing about them until them. Keep the paper by your bed just in case you wake up in the night with a thought of something you forgot to write down. That’s a gift from your subconscious so take advantage of it. If you don’t write it down, you’ll forget it by morning.
  1. Stop staring at the bright TV screen, which is hypnotizing you with mysteries, murders, news, or whatever captures your attention. Staring at a bright screen inhibits the production of melatonin, which is bad news for relaxing sleep.
  1. When you are in bed, get comfortable and take several big breaths. Big breaths always help you to de-stress and relax. Then, as you have your eyes closed, see yourself in a beautiful, peaceful, serene place…maybe a beach, or in the mountains, or somewhere in nature because nature allows relaxation. Use your senses and really be there. Smell the air, feel the breeze, touch a leaf or the sand. Really be there. If you do, you will relax because you are taking yourself out of where you are.

Another relaxation technique is one I use often. After big breaths, I simply start at the top of my head and feel a relaxing tingle in my scalp. I go slowly down my body, relaxing my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my jaw, my neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest, stomach, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and I finally end with my toes becoming floppy little elastic bands.

And now it’s time to sleep tight …..and as my dad used to say just to be silly, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite!”  Good night.

Is Money Evil?

money good or evilIs money evil? If you think it is, change your mind quickly, and you’ll have much more of it to enjoy. Don’t say things like, “Oh, it’s just money.” Actually, money is energy. Money is filled with the energy of the universe and it tunes in on what you say and think about it, and responds accordingly.

 Since money reacts to your attitude about it, if you want to attract a happier financial situation, start appreciating it. Your thoughts about money are important. What you think about comes about. In your thoughts and words, do you appreciate money – or do your criticize or condemn your money or another person’s. If you do, you will repel it from you.

A friend, who always spoke about how bad her finances were, how bad the economy was, and what a gloomy financial future she was going to have, always had a shortage of money. She had extremely bad luck when it came to investments and purchases. She decided to change her thoughts and words about money, which changed her attitude about her whole money outlook. She began frequently saying affirmations to herself several times a day, such as ‘I always have enough’; ‘Everything and everyone prospers me now’, ‘I love and appreciate money’.

Amazingly, her finances turned around. She got a new job with higher pay. She inherited some money from a bank account a deceased relative left her. For the first time ever, she easily paid her bills and had money left over. Her whole life changed because she changed her attitude about appreciating money.

Remember, money is a divine substance of the universe. Think of it in such a manner and it will respond.


How to Use Your Emotions to Get What You Want

happy ladyEmotions – we all have them every moment of the day. We are constantly ‘feeling’ some emotion, some times more intensely than other times. What exactly are emotions and how do they help you get what you want?

Emotions are energy in motion. Let me explain that. Some feelings are the type of energy that creates beautiful, colorful, flowing patterns. When you are flowing love, being accepting, feeling gratitude, feeling joy, and other such high-energy feelings outward to the universe…. that energy flows out of you and syncs with other high vibrational, matching energy, such as money, new opportunities, and happy, successful, caring people.

When you are experiencing low motion energy, such as anger, guilt, shame, fear, resentment, jealousy, and the like, you are flowing not-so-beautiful patterns of energy that also sync with things and people at a matching energy vibration. These kind of feelings attract angry, jealous, guilty, resentful, unaccepting people and unhappy situations.

3 Questions for you:

  1. So, what do you want in your life?
  2. What energy motion are they flowing at? High moving energy brings in things that relate to happiness? Slow moving, low vibrational energy attracts the things that bring unhappiness to you.
  3. Do you realize that you have total control over your emotions and you can stay in emotions attract that?

Yes, it WILL take conscious effort on your part ……and, yes, you WILL have to keep reminding yourself to keep flowing those feelings of enjoying where you are and what you are doing, feelings of being accepting, complementing and praising, feelings of gratitude, and feelings of willingness and courage, and feeling of love And yes, YOU CAN DO IT!

If you this, soon, you won’t have to keep reminding yourself to stay in those high vibrational, happy emotions because you will constantly be feeling those emotions naturally.




How to Use the Happy Secret

smile with paperYes, there IS a happiness secret and you can use it anytime you aren’t feeling happy. This secret has been revealed through many research studies and experiments during the past several decades.

This short cut to being happy is based on the fact that your feelings and thoughts make you behave a certain way. For example, when you are feeling happy – it makes you smile; when you feel sad – it makes you frown. Well, here’s the big secret: the opposite is true! So, when you force your face to smile, it actually makes you feel happy – and when you frown, you automatically start to feel sad.

Why – because your body is connected to your feelings. When your body, including your facial expressions is in a happy position, a message is sent to your brain that you are happy and happiness begins to swell up in you…and vice-versa.

If you act like you’re happy and your body and face are in positions as if you were happy,  you will start to be happy. Of course, you have to be real. Doing a quick half-a-second smile is not going to cut it. If you want to lift your mood, create the facial expression as if you really were happy. Your forehead and cheeks are usually relaxed, your muscles around the corners of your mouth are extended into a wide-open smile, and your eyebrows muscles are extended slightly upward.

Smiling can change your day, your business, your relationships, and your mood. Go for it! It not only works like magic, it’s fun!

Don’t you think everyone should know this? What a happy world we would have. Use it – and spread the world!