Bumper Stickers Send Messages

make things happenBumper stickers send messages to the universe. What you put out to the universe in words or on your bumper or whether you actually speak them had better be what you want. If you have ‘I’m a bitch’ or ‘Life is a bitch’, on a bumper sticker, you will be right! Think of thousands of people you are sending the negative message to. You are screaming the message to the world. The subconscious mind doesn’t take a joke! Watch your words, written and spoken. YOU are listening! What you say is what you get!

A vision board is the opposite of a negative bumper sticker, however it works the same way. What’s the difference? A vision board is something you actually want and when you focus on it you are putting it out to the universe. As you emotionalize it, you are programing your mind as you go over it daily – and that’s why you get it. It’s that simple.

It works the same with what you have hanging on the walls of your home. What messages are your paintings sending to the world? What sayings do you have in pictures in your house? If they are positive, uplifting, and motivating, you and your family will benefit. If they are sarcastic and negative, don’t think they are being ignored. Whoever reads them is being programmed to the truth of what they say, whether it is good or bad. Hopefully, you have things like ‘Dream big’ ‘Respect each other’ ‘Forgive and Forget’ ‘Try new things’ ‘Help each other’ ‘Laugh Together’ ‘Say please and thank you’. Those are just a few little sayings I have on my wall on a little sign that is entitled FAMILY RULES.

Look at what you are spreading to the universe. What you put out is what you get. Be on the look out of things that you can spread that are positive. 


Fake It ‘Till You Make It Works in Reverse

Let’s talk about the little phrase, Fake it ‘til you make it. It works in reverse and a lot of lady with finger uppeople don’t know that. What is “fake it ’til you make it”? We’ve all heard it. It just means that if you want to meet a goal or you want to do something (anything you want to do or have in life), you’ll find someone who’s done it and do exactly what they do, have the same mindset they do,  think what they do, and completely imitate them in every way.

Doing that programs your subconscious mind, which is just like a computer, and which does not take a joke and it creates your life. That’s its purpose, to take exactly what is programmed into it and to create your life accordingly. The other day I was thinking that there are people that don’t realize that it works in reverse.

I met a woman who bought a picture frame that showed her husband was in prison. It had bars across where you would see his face. She thought it was so funny. She put his picture in the frame, gave it to him for a gift, and showed everybody. She put it on the counter where everyone who came in could see it. She really got into it with her emotions as she put it out to the universe. Guess what happened? Amazingly, although he had no previous criminal record, he ended up in prison. Why? Because she faked it. She had focused on it with emotion even though it was not something she really wanted! Her mind got the message that this is what I should create in her life. In this case, it was her husband in prison.

It just so happened that he owned the property where one of his workers had parked a piece of heavy equipment, which he had stolen. The huge price of the equipment made this stolen property a felony and he couldn’t prove that a worker had stolen it, therefore, he was liable.

Another example is Christopher Reeves, who played the role of a paraplegic in a movie really got into the role. As an outstanding actor, he became a paraplegic mentally and emotionally. He was so much into it that after the movie was over, he became a paraplegic. How did that happen? A very strange accident occurred.They looked at the video over and over and over again and they couldn’t figure out how it happened. He was riding a horse and the way it happened defied any kind of natural law. Of course it wasn’t a coincidence. His subconscious mind created that.

Here’s another example. A little boy lived in a very nice neighborhood where a drive by shooting would never occur. Because of his school project, he got interested in it and he started really focusing on it. He started writing about it. He went to the White House and was even on TV talking about this. He was just a young boy in elementary school. Of course, while he was actually focusing on it, he was programming it into his mind. Amazingly, a strange thing happened. It was something that has never happened before or after in his neighborhood. There was a very unique drive-by shooting and the bullet accidentally hit and killed one person – this little boy! What a coincidence. Not really! Fake ‘till you make it’ works in reverse too!

Just think about it today as you go through your day, what are you emotionalizing? What are you ‘faking it until you make it’ on? What are you focusing on with your emotions (whether you want it or not)? Your mind does not take a joke. The universe does not take a joke. It’s just like a computer; you’ll get what you program into it.



How to Change a Bad Day

red dress lady 2How does a bad day happen? Why would you be having a crumby day?

Many things could have contributed to your low vibrational frequency feelings. Perhaps you pigged out on low sugar treats, junk food, alcohol, or something low vibrational, which can totally affected your emotional state. Blood sugar and hormones can cause a ragingly unhappy emotional state.

Perhaps you responded to someone or some situation with feelings of anger, fear, hatred, or rudeness. These are low energy responses. When something unexpected happens, you determine how you respond to every situation in your life.

It’s important to realize that to change anything lousy, even your day, you must first accept responsibility for whatever is happening to you at the moment.

To change the situation quickly, simply change your energy, your vibration. How do you do that? Do something that will fill you with light. Light is the highest form of energy.

An easy thing to do is to think about someone you love and are grateful for. Love is a high-energy emotion. And don’t forget the things you love about yourself. Maybe you did something not too smart. Forgiveness will heal you from the inside out and will raise your vibrational frequency. This will open the path to happiness and abundance. You attract, like a magnet, all the wonderful things on the energy frequency you are feeling at any given moment.

Another way to turn things around is to laugh, even if you don’t feel like it. I mean really laugh so your body feels it. Sometimes all you can do is just to laugh about a situation-right? Well, that’s a great response. Laughing will start you on your way to smiling and to quickly feeling joyful. You can’t smile and laugh and feel badly.

Another way is find something beautiful-something to look at or something to listen to (beautiful music will work). Nature is beautiful. Take a little walk and look at the beauty of nature. It’s an instant high. When you’ve found it, take a moment to appreciate it. It will raise your mood instantly.

Turning negativity away is not so hard on any day.

Now you’ve got a way (actually three), to send away a very bad day.




Happiness Doesn’t Have to be Hard

I'm so happy!

I’m so happy!

Happiness doesn’t have to be hard, however it does take some common sense when it comes to a few little basic habits. These habits are what I call the basics. They are the things over which you have total control and which keep you from being mentally stressed or frazzled.

These habits have to do with your body. It’s true that your mind and emotions have a tremendous amount to do with your happiness, however your body has more to do with happiness than you might think.

  1. A smile on your face is a must. The muscles on your face send a message to your brain and your body automatically makes happy hormones. Putting a smile on your face is the easiest exercise you’ll ever do. It’s worth the effort because it has an immediate payoff.
  1. Sleep is another must. When you body sleeps, it detoxifies your mind and clears the toxic clutter. Not having enough sleep negatively affects your energy level, your mood, and your health.
  1. Keep the surroundings, in your home and office, uncluttered. Cluttered energy creates a cluttered mind. If your surroundings are in a mess, your mind will be in a mess. Clutter can even get to the point where it causes depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
  1. Emotion is positively affected by body motion. The position and movement of your body create happy or sad feelings. Any type of active body movement, even a walk, will boost your mood as well as your energy. Exercise calms the mind and can help your think clearly.
  1. Your blood sugar can cause you havoc. It’s pretty hard to be happy when you’re starving and feeling weak. Make sure you have healthy treats to get your through the day in a healthy way, so that your mind and mood is not affected by candy bars and unhealthy eating habits.

Happiness not hard at all when you keep these basic habits in mind.


Do you Want to Experience More Love in Your Life?

love puzzle

Want more love in your life? I hope so! Because no matter the problem, the answer is love! Love just makes the world a happier place.

First of all, how much do you love yourself? I hope you are so happy to be you! You are unique and awesome! You came into this world with special gifts, which you will not take full advantage of if you don’t love who you are. The more you love yourself – the more you open up your world to receiving love from others. To love yourself more, be gentle with yourself and be supportive of yourself. Acknowledge something different about yourself you love everyday and you will grow to appreciate the magnificent person that you are.

Do your relationships bring you joy? Do you feel loved? Love is everywhere and you will receive as much as you open yourself up to it. In order to open yourself up to receiving, simply start giving more. You seriously have to give to receive. If you don’t give out love, you will stay shut down to love. Give and receiving are like to puzzle pieces that fit together.

Giving positive energy and positive thoughts about every person will make a huge change in your life, how you feel, and the love that comes to you. The minute you are with someone, quietly tell yourself how much you love being with that person because of… (whatever a good trait or characteristic of that person has). Make it a habit!! I will feel strange at first, but it’s worth it! Soon it will be second nature and you’ll be so glad you did! Do it – and be amazed!



How to be a Powerful Manifesting Machine

LOA brainYou are a powerful manifesting machine. You just need to show yourself that by just putting your mind to it and create a few habits that will help you manifest whatever you want.

To become a master at manifesting with the law of attraction, you have to undo the patterns and habits that have been stored in your unconscious and replace them with positive, empowering habits. In other words, rewire your brain. Sounds hard? It’s not and you can do it if you put your mind to it!

The law of attraction is not a magic wand, however it’s true that the first thing to do in using the law of attraction is to shift to a more positive way of thinking. That sounds pretty easy but the fact that you have about fifty to seventy thousand unconscious thoughts a day – but 80% of them are negative! That is not the way to manifest positive, abundant, happy things you want in your life. Being conscious about what you’re thinking is step one, of course.

  1. What you focus on expands. When you focus on what you want, you quickly raise you energy vibration and become more confident and things start changing. You MUST pay attention to what you are thinking and speaking about. That’s what you’re focusing on! Does you brain prefer to focus on negative experiences? Yes – and that is why you have to consciously create the new habit and have empowering, positive, happy thoughts.                                                          
  2. Have several ‘gratitude moments’ through the day.

An important habit to cultivate to be a marvelous manifester is to consciously take time to mentally, or if your have time, write things you are grateful for (with feeling). Gratitude is one of the simplest ways to raise your vibration. When you realize the blessing you have, it puts your into an energy vibration of receiving.

  1. Visualize what you want several times throughout the day.

Take a few minutes to consciously see in your mind what it will look like and feel like when you get your major goal. You MUST see it as an experience you’re having right then and you MUST feel the feeling you will feel when you manifest it. This will program your subconscious mind and create intense energy vibrations in you that will attract the exact things you visualized. It is powerful! It works! This is a habit that can create ANYTHING you want and bring it into your life.


How the Law of Attraction Can Work for You

LOA“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla. “

Scientifically speaking, “We know that when an atom changes its state, it absorbs or emits electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing its state.  Do different emotions, ways of looking of things, mental attitudes and feelings result in different electromagnetic frequencies? Yes! This has been proven.”

That’s right…. Science actually proves it – just in case you thought this whole ‘energy thing’ was a fantasy.

Do you think in terms of energy? Do you realize that every little thought, every emotion, every movement; every THING in your life has to do with your energy. It’s pretty hard to realize the importance of energy because you can’t see it moving around.

Studies have shown that a person with positive emotions has a very can lead to a very different life for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them.

What does this science all mean to you? Does it mean that when you wake up in the morning and decide to say to yourself, “This is going to be a great day! Wonderful things are going to happen to me today! (and feeling the feeling that you would have when something fabulous happens to you) – you WILL have a pretty awesome day because you changed your state which changed your magnetic frequency and what you draw to you as you go thro the day.

It means that when you look at the bad things that could possibly happen, stay in a blah mood, or even throw in a negative thought or two, you change your state and draw things to you that are not so awesome.

What a great system the universe gives us to create each day, our life, and everything in it! Keep your state positive so positive energy can bring you awesome things!

How to Start a New Habit

Face portrait of smiling woman. Teeth smiling girl. One modelAre there things that you want to improve upon, things you want to start doing which will improve your life – your relationships – or your income?

It’s easier than you think to begin a new habit. Let me give you the easy steps that will make embracing a new habit a piece of cake.


  • First of all, decide what new habit will make the change in your life that you want.
  • Next, take about 15 seconds, at least a couple of times a day to imagine you are taking that new action that you want to make a habit and that you are doing it with ease and enjoying it. This will help you psych yourself up to actually take the action and well as change the pattern in your brain to make it a habit. If it’s going to be a new physical habit, it must first become a new mental pathway.
  • These few seconds on imagining will make a huge difference in the process whether you know it or not. If you knew it, you wouldn’t have a problem doing the next easy step, which is to increase your imagining to at least 30 seconds 3 or 4 times a day.
  • Take a small action that would move you forward to making it a habit. For example, if you wanted to start a habit of eating more vegetables, a small step would be to go to the store and buy some vegetables so you have them easily accessible in your fridge. If your habit was to look for the good in people, rather than finding something wrong with them, when you first meet them, you could consciously think of people you already know and think of good things about them so you get an idea of how to look for something good and how it feels.
  • Lastly – you are ready to take the big action of doing it. At first, you may have to consciously remember to repeat it over and over again for a day or two. At first, you may have to consciously remember to repeat the action 3 or 4 times in a row. After that, it gets easy to remember because you’ve mentally and physically done it more than once and you are on your way to a new habit and new success in your life.

Is Feng shui Part of the Law of Attraction?

2 cute girls upside down on couchThe energy around you, in your home an office is called Feng Shui. Feng shui is not a religion, but is about the energy in your environment. It has been researched for thousand of years. In ancient times, only emperors could know about it and use it. If a commoner found out about it, they were put to death. Today, we have the valuable information about how to use the energy around us to our benefit.

Does it mean your house has to look like a Chinese trinket shop? No way, unless you’re Chinese. Those things are not meaningful to you. You use things around your house to create balance and harmony.

Energy around you in your surroundings is conducive to love, to wealth, and to your success or the energy in your surroundings is repelling those things. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not recognize the importance of the energy vibrations in their surroundings. The energy around you affect you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your whole life.

Everything is energy (plants, animals, people, things) and YOU are energy. You exchange energy with the things around you.

Feng Shui is a term composed of two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move, and circulate everywhere on Earth.

There are 4 portals where energy flows to you – (lucky energy). You want to sleep with the crown of your head against one of these 4 personal magnetic directions where positive energy is constantly flowing to you.

This energy can support you more quickly and help you manifest it. Success, Health, Love, and Personal & Spiritual Growth. I give you these 4 lucky directions for FREE. I don’t just tell you what your lucky directions are – I tell you how to use them and what to put I each of these places in your environment. CLICK HERE to get your lucky directions.

I also give you your personal element – that goes with your own personal energy. Some people vibrate with fire colors; others need calmer water energy; others feel harmonious with metal, wood, or things from the earth. These are colors and element to help you and that you want to have in your home.

Find out more and get my FREE Feng Shui tips when you CLICK HERE.

How to Love Yourself

love yourselfWhy is it hard to really love yourself? Is it because you constantly make mistakes? No one else makes mistakes – right? Wrong! We all makes mistakes, so just get over that reason right now. No one expects you to be perfect and if someone in your life does, they don’t belong in your life!

Many people love others more than themselves. They accept and even go overboard to be kind to others; however treating themselves that same way is often very difficult.

If you don’t love yourself as much as you should, here’s what to do:

  1. Stop expecting perfection! If you were perfect, there would be nothing for you to learn. We learn from our mistakes. They make life rich and help us to become more successful and have more happiness in our lives when we learn from them. Perfect people don’t live on this planet. That includes you. Love yourself for what you have learned – rather than feeling negatively about yourself because you make them. You are in charge of your own reactions!
  1. If something bad happens, say kind, encouraging, positive things to yourself instead of saying, “I’m so stupid.” In fact, don’t wait until something bad happens; make it a habit to tell yourself something encouraging and positive about yourself at least once every hour. This will do amazing things to help you love yourself.
  1. Stop thinking about how you aren’t as good as you want to be and that you might not accomplish your goals. This is self-defeating behavior. Mentally see yourself the way you want to be. Mentally see yourself accomplishing the things you want for yourself in the future.
  1. Tell yourself every morning what a great day it’s going to be and say to yourself, “I love you! You are a beautiful person!”

These 4 small changes can make great changes in the way you love and nurture yourself. They are easy and you can do all 4 and at the same time and immediately…..and they are fun to do.