Are You Getting Enough?

Are you getting enough customers, business, money, romance, fun, friendships, personal growth, fulfilling experiences, and good things in life? In today’s world, it seems that everyone is focused on getting and it is their main objective in life.
Do you have enough money?

Do you have enough money?

If your answer to ‘are you getting enough’ is “NO”, then you need to ask yourself, ‘am I giving enough?’

Giving is one the first principles of the universal Law of Attraction and is very much at play in what you get. As long as ‘getting’ dominates your mind, you are limiting what you can receive. To expect to receive without first giving is to expect the Law to work backwards. If your giving is sporadic and infrequent, so will be your receiving.

You say, “Okay, I’ll give, give, give. I’ll give you money. I’ll give you whatever you want.” That won’t work! It’s not the giving, and it’s not what you give, it’s the JOY OF GIVING that ignites the Law of Attraction to work in your life. You must give with a free and cheerful spirit. You can’t build something on nothing and expect something in return.

 Give money, give service, give anything, and do it with the sincere caring for the person you give to. When you give your best with the energy of love, that high vibrational energy activates high vibrational people, things, and situations to come to you. It is the spirit behind your giving that prompts the Law to work.
give with love

Give with LOVE!


Once you give with the feeling of charity, that’s not all you have to do. You must prepare yourself to receive. How do you do that? You don’t just sit around and do nothing until it comes. You prepare your life for using what you want to come to you. You do whatever work is necessary for you to show your expectation to the universe. When you do that, you create an expectation in your spirit. Expect it – and you’ll get it.

When you charge your thoughts with expectation, your conviction draws what you expect to you like a magnet.

There are NO limits on what you can expect to come into your life. You simply can’t ask too much from the Law of Attraction. The Law is unlimited and the universal supply is inexhaustible. The spiritual supply from which all things come to you is never depleted. ‘He who gives much, receives much.’

The joy of giving and receiving comes from the same Divine Source. Live in that that joy and watch the Law of Giving and Receiving increase and bless your life.

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