Bumper Stickers Send Messages

make things happenBumper stickers send messages to the universe. What you put out to the universe in words or on your bumper or whether you actually speak them had better be what you want. If you have ‘I’m a bitch’ or ‘Life is a bitch’, on a bumper sticker, you will be right! Think of thousands of people you are sending the negative message to. You are screaming the message to the world. The subconscious mind doesn’t take a joke! Watch your words, written and spoken. YOU are listening! What you say is what you get!

A vision board is the opposite of a negative bumper sticker, however it works the same way. What’s the difference? A vision board is something you actually want and when you focus on it you are putting it out to the universe. As you emotionalize it, you are programing your mind as you go over it daily – and that’s why you get it. It’s that simple.

It works the same with what you have hanging on the walls of your home. What messages are your paintings sending to the world? What sayings do you have in pictures in your house? If they are positive, uplifting, and motivating, you and your family will benefit. If they are sarcastic and negative, don’t think they are being ignored. Whoever reads them is being programmed to the truth of what they say, whether it is good or bad. Hopefully, you have things like ‘Dream big’ ‘Respect each other’ ‘Forgive and Forget’ ‘Try new things’ ‘Help each other’ ‘Laugh Together’ ‘Say please and thank you’. Those are just a few little sayings I have on my wall on a little sign that is entitled FAMILY RULES.

Look at what you are spreading to the universe. What you put out is what you get. Be on the look out of things that you can spread that are positive. 


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